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Devs, can you please just make a Horde/Survival mode

Content of the article: "Devs, can you please just make a Horde/Survival mode"

With all the gear, gun, specialisations, talents and skills, don’t you think it would be amazing to play in a group where each player has a certain role and you need to work together to survive waves and waves of increasingly difficult enemies? You could either cap it at a very high level, or don’t cap it at all and create some leaderboard similar to Crimsonland’s survival mode.

So two suggestions:

  • standard horde/survival mode in some static arena with cover, floors and maybe a mounted gun or two. Like a control point that could either be outside or inside.

  • make a new game mode that takes a random mission (federal bunker, Lincoln memorial etc) and rather than the players attack, the players must DEFEND it from waves of increasingly stronger enemies. Players will start at the map entrance and will slowly but surely get pushed deeper into the mission map until the reach the end where they must make a last stand and hold out for as long as possible. Some missions like the one where you rescue that Black woman’s daughter, have elevators in them which is a loading screen. Not sure how to work around that.

In each suggestion, better gear is dropped the higher the wave. After certain waves, exotics and set gear and named weapons have a higher chance of dropping. You could even put those polarisation/mutation things in certain waves to spice things up!! Maybe every 5 waves, a boss or named enemy!

Please guys, me and my friends want to come back and just chill on the game. But it won’t happen if you won’t keep things simple and straightforward. We’re tired of running the same missions over and over again for some wack loot. Kenley College fell short of what it should have been (running around trying to find where to go) and we just didn’t find raids with set pieces fun. Just give us a horde mode where we can use all the stuff in the game, sit back and chill and survive for as long as possible.

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