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Directives are so poorly designed that make obvious that nobody at massive plays the game

Content of the article: "Directives are so poorly designed that make obvious that nobody at massive plays the game"

  • Fragile armor
    Is bugged as fuck, and it's not even a problem to tank build because most of the times, you never break the armor, so it's only an issue to DPS and skill builds because most of the times, you get one shot, and you have to spam armor kits to remove the broken status
  • Pistolero
    It's just annoying you get a few kills and that it became non-existent, just annoying when you start a mission or fast travel to safe houses in the open-world farm.
    Or use gunner and ammo is no more an issue thanks to the spec bonus.
  • Special ammo
    Are you using any skills? Well fuck you and your shield, turret, anything; EMP ammo goes brrrrrr- somebody at massive
    Get shocked, EMPd, bleed, burned, or confused all-day.
    Just annoying not even a challenge get a tank HZP build, liberty, and now it's non-existent.
  • Scavenged skill
    Do you want to vault something with your tank build? Well, now you need to kill somebody at least once to get your skill back.
    Do you want to heal? Well, your chem launcher and hive are now always in cooldown and good luck stealing a kill from your DPS teammates to get your skills back.
    You play DPS, and your revive hive is in cooldown? You are already getting kills to get your scraps and look at the annoyed tank and skill build guy waiting for a scrap drop.
  • Cool skills
    Are you a DPS guy trying to use any other skill outside of the revive hive? Well, your hive is in cooldown now. Have fun
    Do you want to heal? Well, choose between your hive in cooldown or your chem launcher.
    Are your skill damage build? Barely an inconvenience
  • Ammo hoarders
    Are you using the bullet king? Dare you from trying to press the reload button by accident because now your ammo is gone (Try it is a funny bug)
    Do you have muscle memory on reloading every damn second? Now you have to force yourself not tot reload and caused yourself a headache every time you do it.
    Do you want to reload a single shell in your shotgun? Well, now it's gone, lol.
    Or use a pistol headhunter build, and now this directive is non existent too.
  • Fog of war
    Meh, use the pulse; ah no, you are using cool and/or scavenged skills.
  • No armor regen
    Meh, you get one shot anyway, so where is the problem?
    No armor kits? well good luck
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Do you know what every directive have in common?
They are annoying, not challenging.

You are just forced to change the build you are using. Because multiple directives can just be "disabled" by using different builds and if you don't like that build well, have fun being forced to use that build.

Regulus headhunter build or any HZP tank build, in general, makes the directives invisible.

Directives need to be changed to be an enjoyable challenge instead of just being annoying.

  • Cool skills need to be changed entirely.
  • Scavenged skills must be changed to allow you to put out your shield without being punished just because you want to run or climb stuff in the open world or bounties. The scraps drop must be shared with other players or healer builds, tanks, and skill DPS are just handicapped if they can't manage to get the finishing shot on an NPC.
  • Ammo hoarder bug with bullet king must be fixed and need to work only with a weapon that uses a magazine, or it's just dumb that my ammo disappears when I try to reload a single shell in my shotgun.

Add your own suggestion in the comments because, at the moment, I'm out of ideas, and I'm just pissed off.

bUt YOu CAn Not UsE dirEcTIVEs At aLL.

I know that, but with the summit update coming the 20th, I want to enjoy the farm without being forced to play only 2 builds out of 12 builds I use


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