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Division 1 Performance Issues – Very inconsistent results

Content of the article: "Division 1 Performance Issues – Very inconsistent results"

So I posted in here last week and I have done a lot of research since.

Picked up the Division free, and what little I can play it I really enjoy it. I get random FPS results every time I play the game.

Specs: I7-7700K, GTX 1070, 24GB ddr4 3333. Game is installed on SSD. SSD is at arouynd 50% capacity. My internet is 230mbps down and about 10 up. Connection is very solid and consistent and I test it often.

When I start up the game, sometimes it runs at around 18-30fps. Then other times its around 48 fps but is terrible with stutter and hitching. A few times its ran 100fps open world and 135 indoors.

I am also frequently getting the open world Loading where it makes you walk and there are invisible enemies.

I have tried Throttling the cpu at 80%, Verified the files mutltiple times. Turning off the overlays. Turning off other game services like Steam/Epic etc. I have tried DX12 and 11 with no diffeence. I have checked windows fire wall I have made open ports for the game. I have tried limiting fromes to 30 or 60 fps. Still get awful hitching and stutter and loading textures. Initially the game would run 100-135fps ONLY in windows Borderless mode. But Now I cant even get it to work like that anymore and have a decent fps. Like I said even when it displays 60fps rthe stutter and hitching are terrible.

I have been into PC gaming from the beginning of home computing lol. I can normally handle or figure out any issues. This one has me completly stumped due to the inconsistent results. I did notice when researching online these kinds of complaints are generally posted people running any I7-7 series CPU. It almost doesnt make sence with this one game though.

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I currently have other games on my system that run just fine. The Division 2 – Outdoors I average 78-90fps Guild Wars 2 – WVW 30-40 fps / Open world 60-80 Borderlands 3 – Around 90fps RDR2 – Around 58-60 fps. Remanant of the ashes – around 80 or 90 fps. Fallout 76 – Around 100fps.

So in otherwords. All the above mentioned games run just fine and as expected every time I turn them on. There is no faulty hardware in my system. There could be some configuration issue that is only affecting D1.

Does anyone else have any ideas? Ever experienced this issue? Ever fix this issue?

  • Did some testing tonight. This is almost certianly some kind of server communication issue. Just checked my internet connection on several different services and I am getting more than my advertised speed of 200mbps.

In the game when I was last testing, I could push a direction and my character would travel in that direction for 6-10 seconds no matter what input I pressed or what direction I went. I could shoot out tires on vehicles and they would pop 6-10 seconds after I shot them.

Well I give up. I will just play it on GeForce now lol


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