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Hey guys, first of all you guys are in for a treat that i can tell. Heard some amazing things from a connection at Ubi-Massive working on the future content of the game and rest assured, it's announcement is upon us on E3 2021.The following leaks aren't an etching in stone so take them with a grain of salt please, as i am relaying this information as received! So lets get on with the show


Story Content

Similar to Warlords of Newyork; how we hunted down keener and his rogue cell, we'll be hunting down Natalya Sokolova and a group of 5 or 4 (number is tentative) Elite Blacktusk killsquad (Fancy word for lieutenants). It's going to take a similar approach as WONY and drop you into a new city (not mentioned by leaker).


This might be bittersweet for some but yes, the level cap will be raised to 50, so the gear you have collected till now will be obsolete, apart from the exotics as their blueprints will be dropped one week post-launch of the content.

This new content will revamp the seasons formula and add more events into the weekly track instead of repeating the similar event for 2 weeks. Events will overlap however, to allow every player to participate until the end of manhunt. These new seasons will have hunters as manhunt targets with each giving a new backpack trophy and a mask. Why hunters? wont spoil it for you guys ;)! The seasons will activate once the players are done with the main campaign of the DLC's Story.

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Items & Loot

Of Couse, there will be a plethora of new weapons and minimum 10 exotics at launch, more to be added with upcoming updates.

Surprising Addition

Keeping every detail to a minimum, as we got summit as a replay able mode for the WONY, we'll be getting 2 modes for this new update, A survival esq. mode and a PVP Focused mode. (Best News so far :D)

Will it be free?

Yea, no! You'll have to pay for the new DLC. But look on the bright side, at least we'll have much more content than last time.


I have forwarded these leaks as received and kept some uncertain things to myself (raid, exact loot changes etc.) to avoid causing too much stir in the community. I am neither an employee of Ubisoft nor I claim these leaks to be 100% True, but i can say one thing for sure, we're in for a wild ride for year 3 in DIVISION 2 šŸ™‚


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