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Division 2 – The Current state of Dark Zone PvP

As someone who frequents both the DZ and Occupied DZ, In my opinion, PvP has just become incredibly stale and boring, to the point there is little fun in it anymore. Division 1 didn't have the same issues as the Dark zone was actually competitive and big enough to avoid manhunts.

The problem is the constant nerfs to certain skills and talents but not others.

I'll start off by saying the Burster firefly nerf was unecessary, while this may be unpopular hear me out. As someone that frequently solos the Dark Zone, it's rife with 4-man pre made kill squads, most of which have build synergy but one thing is for certain is that you can't fight 1v1 in this game anymore. In the occupied DZ. You'll have one guy camping at the checkpoint with his skill build and the rest of them pre-aiming the door but that doesn't matter because you're dead by the time you can even pull your gun out. The burster firefly was a great way to cripple grouped up players and allow you to have fairer fights. But the same people complained it's not fair. But neither is being riddled with bullets in a 4vs1. Yes the burster firefly could one shot those grouped players but they'd have to be "grouped" for it work it also wasn't easy to setup. You'd have to catch them off guard, aim it out of cover and target all four players, and if they were grouped up they'd explode for a lot of damage. If they weren't grouped up and you were 1v1 you had no defence outside of sticky bomb or stinger hive both of which can be countered. All this while trying not to get one shot, with a full Yellow build. So I don't think burster firefly was any more "OP" than running round in a group of 4 (rogue) with a fully optimised meta build targeting smaller groups. Now it does hardly any damage and the risk/reward payoff is trash. To add to this Burster firefly was easily countered by Jammer pulse.

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Build diversity is also boring in this game now. 90% of players in the DZ are running around with the same 1Pc Grupo, 2Pc Sokolov, Fox's Prayer, Contractors Gloves 4 Blue, 2 Red, Intimidate, Adrenaline Rush, Lady Death… (don't get me started as to how broken this gun is) How has this not been nerfed yet?

The Damage scaling from reds is so bad that these two talents alone output similar DPS to a full red build albeit without being squishy. You'll occassionaly see some players running a Carbine-7 with Vigilance or Concussion and Glass Cannon or an Eclipse Fire Sticky/Stinger which is fun but the one thing you won't see is a solo rogue. Ridgeways Pride with wicked is another one but it's no where near as common as the former. Because players rarely want to fight you 1v1, they wanna wait for their 4 buddies to all pre-aim you before one of them toggles rogue and they melt you in the back before you can even turn around. Camping the DZ checkpoints in the occupied DZ is also boring and unskillful. You shouldn't be one shot by a stinger hive or 4 players while you're HUD is still loading. There should be spawn protection for at least 2-3 seconds when you exit the checkpoint.

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Speaking of Stinger Hive; on a skill build it does somewhat work against ganking groups but even that's a stretch as you're forced to run Technician and babysit your stinger hive for the Faraday field perk at the risk your skills will become victim to a Tier 0 Jammer pulse which is on a 15/20s CD not to mention that running 5/6 skill tiers will see you downed quicker than you can react.

Futhermore, the shield saga continues as the Scaling of blues also extends to the crusader shield.. Blue tiers should not count towards the crusader or firewall shields the change was made for tank builds to be able to run the Bulwark shield but it's been Hijacked in PvP.


  • Burster Firefly damage was fine before it was nerfed, it had it's counters and the people that complained were usually the ones ganking solos with a group of four.
  • Build Diversity now basically boils down to Intimidate, Adrenaline Rush and Lady death.
  • Adrenaline Rush shouldn't proc from skills.
  • Player skill is rarely a factor in determining who wins gunfights but instead by level of build optimisation and group size.
  • Tier 0 Jammer Pulse should not be destroying Tier 6 Skills.
  • Intimidate & Adrenaline Rush damage scaling with blue tiers is broken.
  • Only Bulwark and Deflector shield should benefit from Blue Tiers.
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I'll finish by saying, it's not the players fault, they obviously love this game but we need to see some changes, skill builds are next to useless in the current meta because of the Tier 0 jammer pulse combined with Damage scaling of intimidate and the tankiness Adrenaline rush brings. The one thing they got right with PvP was at least the Decoy, low uptime with low skill tier but does it's job perfectly if used right.


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