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Division 3 thoughts on what should be in there.

Content of the article: "Division 3 thoughts on what should be in there."

So these are just my thoughts, but please use this to express what thoughts or options or brainstorm ideas for what the player base wants in Division 3.

First is Division 3 going to happen? My opinion it will, officially I don’t have any contact with anyone at Massive or Ubisoft or Red Storm but I feel very strongly there will be a Division 3. It is more a question of when not if, and when would probably be contingent on Avatar.

Division 1 had some good mechanics, what I would like to see is a return of the old weapon mod systems where the mods will have different stats (% crit chance, crit damage, etc). It gave the weapons a little more flavor something to grind for. Also wouldn’t mind seeing improvements, I remember some suppressors had an attribute for enemy alert or sound suppression, that wasn’t good at all. Wouldn’t mind having the option to play this game more stealthy.

On weapons I like some of the weapons that they included but feel that there are way too many weapons ( not a complaint more of an observation and not a bad thing). But I like the gunsmith in COD MW and thought it would be cool to have the same thing in Div3. So you have an m1a but with an improved stock, and barrel you can turn it into and socom m1a or and EBR. LVOA and be modified to become the honey badger LW M 4 can become a carbine 7 or they can be modified to be a rifle version. But this would not take away from weapon attachments like under-barrel scopes muzzle or ammo. I think the main areas would be barrel, stock, trigger (full, semi), maybe gas systems make an AR more powerful at close or long range this would be blocked on some weapons no full auto on m700s or M1as of course and I can’t see anyone wanting a semi auto LMG. But some ARs can become rifles, some pistols can become auto.

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Exotics in Div1 felt better then in Div2 I think that had to do with the main component of exotics was the free talent and the other 2 being random. I feel the Div1 set up for weapons with talents and what they had initially at launch was good. They just needed to expand that to exotics like what they had in Div1. This would give players something more to grind for. But I think they had recognized that and attempted to address it with named weapons.

I like the named weapons and the set up for the manhunts, but feel that killing the individual named target rogues wasn’t satisfying. I think if they had specific named weapons with different talents, an m1a with perfect ranger, or m4 with perfectly in sync, or gear with providence defense with perfectly unbreakable or perfectly scoped. Something unique to kill the rogues be rewarding and different than what you would get somewhere else.

The talent trees for the signatures were underwhelming, thought there would be more. They are different and new and I like using the weapons but there could have been a more expansive tree like how talents worked in Div1 were you can pick and choose specific things you would want if you want to be a demolitionist healer there would be a bonus for healing teammates explosive resistance for example or a healer firewall with burn resistant bonuses.

Dark zone, I have mentioned this a lot but I feel a bigger DZ is better you are not forced to PVP, go in grab some loot extract repeat as necessary. If it is big it is going to be more active. Also you don’t need a PVE DZ if you know how to operate in the regular DZ, and if it is big enough with enough extractions you could avoid PVP altogether. Also, when I mean bigger vertical. Make more use of basements subways underground parking garage, bunkers. Rooftops and between buildings through catwalks or holes in walls between some buildings. Make these areas more suited for particular play styles. Roof tops would be more friendly toward MMRs and rifle builds. Sewers shotguns and SMGs.

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On bunkers anyone else think that after Lincoln memorial and that side mission where you have to decode and find the secret painting they were teasing some future mode.

For the game in general I liked the darker setting of NYC, and I know a lot of people want a Division set in a European city. I don’t know how an internal US secret security force meant for domestic purposes would function outside of the US it wouldn’t be part of SHD anymore. But for cities in the US I think Boston or Philadelphia would work. Boston might be better it is the closest thing to a European city in the US, and I think there was some mention of the New England area in some dialogue.


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