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Don’t sleep on Clutch and Chamelown… The combination is actually quite fun

Content of the article: "Don’t sleep on Clutch and Chamelown… The combination is actually quite fun"

I've been going through my stash and looking at good gear that I haven't used to see if I can make something usable out of it. I present to you my Devil's Due + Chameleon build:


Mask: Gila Guard with max Armor (core), WH, and CHD with a 12% PfE mod

Backpack: Ceska Devil's Due (Perfect Clutch) with max WD (core), Skill Damage, CHD with 12% PfE mod

Chest: Fenris (Obliterate) with max WD (core), CHD, CHC, and a 5.8% CHC mod

Gloves: Petrov Contractor's Gloves with max Armor (core), DTA, Armor Regeneration

Holster: Walker with max WD (core), Armor Regen, CHD

Knees: NinjaBike Messenger with max WD, CHC, and CHD

The build is a 4/2/0 build with 1.2M armor and 291K health. I'm using a God-rolled Chameleon and NEGEV (DtA is 3rd attribute) with Steady-handed as my primary and secondary. Sidearm is a God-Rolled double barrel with Future Perfect. Specialization is Survivalist and skills are Mender Mine and either Decoy or EMP Sticky (if fighting lots of BT units).

One key aspect to the build are the two 12% Protection from Elites mods. With the additional 10% bonus from the Survivalist Specialization I'm sitting at 34% Protection from Elites. I'm looking forward to TU11 because I will be able to slot in another PfE mod and bring that total up to 46%. As an experiment, I dropped the PfE mods and put Armor on Kill mods in their place and I was getting melted really, really fast. That little extra often times is the difference between me getting into cover and getting killed.

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The buffs from Chameleon are huge – 90% WD, increased reload speed, and increased CHC / CHD. Even without the Chameleon buffs, I'm at max CHC to get the most out of Perfect Clutch. I use Cover-to-Cover moves to close on enemy positions and then try to build up the stacks on the Chameleon as quickly as possible. The 25% bonus armor has saved my ass more times than I can count and being able to auto-reload is also life-saving. I usually try to activate the 90%WD buff first because you just melt enemies.

With Perfect Clutch and 4 reds, I'm getting 8 seconds where crit hits replenish 2.5% of my armor. That's enough time (with either gun) to get at least 20 – 30 crit hits so it's not uncommon for me to gain back 50 – 60% of my armor after a kill. I rarely have to use armor kits and the Mender Mine is used for times, especially in Heroic, when I'm getting pounded from multiple sides and need to reposition.

I took the build into the DZ for the first time last night and against the meta shield builds, I did okay. In a 1v1 with shield up, I was losing every time. I switched to the EMP sticky to drop the shield and even with no WD stacks on the Chameleon, I was able to drop a handful of Rogues. I found that immediately throwing a fire grenade after the shield drops was also very effective.


Getting another Devil's Due with a more useful attribute other than Skill Damage would be better but it's a good pack nonetheless. Once TU11 drops, I'll drop the Gila Mask for a Walker one with the same attributes. I'm not using it now because I want the blue mod slot.

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