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DPS comparison of my builds

Hallo there, I tested my builds in the shooting range and wanted to share my results with you. Maybe some of you can benefit from it in some ways. I was looking for posts like this and didn't find anything.

Disclaimer: – My stats are not optimized, but are mostly in the 90 to 100% range. – To get the numbers higher you could switch blue for red cores, or fast hands for strained or optimist. – The memento stacks are not accounted for. – I put those builds together while farming for lady death for which I am still looking for, so I can't test the builds with lady death. – I am not claiming those are the best builds, I just want to initiate a discussion. – I am SHD level 100+ so I don't claim to know everything, but maybe I can learn something from a fruitful discussion.

Here are my builds:

Hunter Fury build with chest with obliterate and Memento (5 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow with technician spec). I have a level 4 crusader shield and decent survivability with this build. – DPS with Scorpio: 5.5 million – DPS with SMG with fast hands: 4.2 million – DPS with Backfire: starts of around 3.2 million, if you get obliterate and backfire stacks up, I made up to 6.9 million dmg, BUT I had to shoot through almost my entire ammo capacity to get those numbers AND you need to live with the red screen.

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All red build with God rolled contractor, God rolled foxprayer, coyote mask, fenris obliterate chest, grupo vigilance backpack, ceska holster – DPS with Scorpio: 7.2 million – DPS with SMG with fast hands: 5.2 – DPS with AR with fast hands: 4.2 (my go to weapon for this build for better range)

Negotiators dilemma build with chest with obliterate and Memento (5 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow with technician spec). I have a level 4 crusader shield and decent survivability with this build. This build is also used for heroic speed run world records by u/schlumpf666 – DPS with AR with fast hands: 2.5 million, BUT using this with the bonus ND (1 target 100%, 2 targets 60%) you can do up to 5.5 million dps – DPS with Scorpio: 4.4 million single Target and up to 9.7 million multi target!

Skill Build with Capacitor, 3 empress, waveform, wyvern and ceska, rolled for skill dmg and crit dmg – Capacitor makes 1.5 million dps, assault turret and drone together 3.5 million damage at 40 capacitor stacks, so 5 million together

Backfire build with 95% bleed resistance, 60% chc and 80% chd. (4 red, 2 blue). Talents are unbreakable and adrenaline rush. Talents are not my go to talents for this build, but it is really hard to get the right gear. Overall, this didn't convince me to farm further gear for the backfire: – DPS at 200 stacks: 3.6 million

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Eclipse build with status effect attributes and red cores, vile mask and firm handshake gloves. The idea is that the Scorpio triggers the additional damage from the vile mask. Saw this on YouTube, but I think the build is really squishy and contagion doesn't come into play enough to make it worthwhile. – DPS with Scorpio: 3.1 million for single targets

True Patriot tank support build with vanguard and galvanize. Big fan, on top of the true Patriot and Scorpio buffs and debuffs, you provide up to 90% armor to all team mates with decent uptime. – DPS with Scorpio: 1.6 million

Now what did I learn putting those builds together?

Unless Lady Death proves me otherwise, there seems to be no reason to run a SMG over Scorpio in close quarter combat.

I think you can get through heroic with almost any build, which is great for build viability. But watching a TON of YouTube videos looking for builds, there is though a lot of bad advice out there. YouTubers who create content on a daily basis and have a lot of followers do so to make money, which is ok, but sometimes they just look for flashy headlines. I realized this particularly looking for Regen builds where content creators try to outnumber each other. Obviously you can get the numbers higher if you put armor Regen on your attributes. But 4500 armor per second equals 0.25% a/s on a 1.8 million armor build, which is just not worth it. This slot is much better used increasing crit dmg. Therefore, the videos who helped me the most, where by players who compete for heroic or legendary speed run records, which I want to share with you:

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u/schlumpf666 :


GCROCK, maybe from u/jdub595 (English): (more build videos here like this)

I hope you took something from all this and I am happy for some new ideas!


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