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DZ Exclusive Named Items are Currently Significantly Rarer than Exotics – Here’s Why That’s an Issue, and How it Could be Fixed

Targeted loot is one of the best innovations TD2 made to the looter genre, encouraging people to move around the map day to day, giving players agency in their drops, and cutting down on useless filler that gets immediately dismantled. Unfortunately, it hasn’t translated well to the dark zone.

The Issue

If a player wants to farm a standard item, they can go anywhere in DC or NY to find its target location for the day, or patch up lapses in the rotation with Summit. In the dark zone, however, you have 3 chances each day to get the target you need. There are 49 possible loot targets, so each day there is a 1 – ((47/49)(46/48)(45/47)) = ~12% chance of a compatible target (brand/slot) for any particular named exclusive armor.

An average of ~9 days to wait isn’t too bad, right? Well, exclusive weapons (and the hollow man) have only one compatible target (slot only – no brand). For these items, there is a 1- ((48/49)(47/48)(46/47)) = ~6.1% chance of targeting per day. Any particular item in this category would be targeted on average only once every 17 days. Over two weeks of downtime between farming opportunities – and there’s no guarantee one will drop that day.

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Global Events

The immediate thought I had when putting together those calculations was that global events were supposed to patch up the rarity of named items. However, the situation is even worse for GE rewards. There are 75 items that can drop from named caches. With each cache costing 8 stars, obtaining any specific item would require an average of 600 stars. That number is so astronomically large it’s barely worth mentioning the 56 stars challenges can provide – You’d still need 544 SHD levels in 7 days. That’s only an average, too – there’s no duplicate or bad luck protection on these caches.


Specific random drop exotics are not only significantly more common (1/25 with all project exotics unlocked) in their respective pool, but projects also provide 3 guaranteed chances at them each week, and they are available wherever they might be targeted that day and in the Summit. By contrast, DZ named items are rarer and their pool’s drops are less abundant – none of the 8 guaranteed named item projects/invasions can drop DZ items (obviously, being outside the dark zone and all). So, how do we fix it?


There’s a wide range of possible solutions of varying efficacy and effort. Some of my favorites are:

  • The invaded DZ shares the Summit’s loot selector
  • The weekly and/or daily DZ projects reward named items that can/only drop DZ exclusives
  • Named item drops in the DZ are always DZ exclusives
  • Separate named caches into named weapon caches and named gear caches
  • Allow crafting of a random named piece in a certain slot alongside the random brand piece option + give named weapons a chance to drop from crafting their base
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This game has always been about seeking the most powerful gear, and the current DZ exclusives system discourages proactive farming in moderation in favor of waiting around for a daily dice roll to come up favorably to farm as much as possible that day – that's not healthy if you can play all day when it happens and it's not fun if you can't – missing out on a rare opportunity because real life was going on sucks. I'm interested to see what the community thinks about this – it feels like DZ exclusives have really thrown the few flaws of the targeted loot system into sharp relief.


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