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Enemy Reinforcements

Since lately people have been talking about things they'd want to see in the game that are not likely to ever happen, I thought I'd contribute with my own idea: New enemy archetypes. It was awesome (though frustrating) to see Black Tusk get some new blood (or metal) in Warlords, and I think it's about time other factions got some love too. They've been pushed around enough, and have been developing new tricks to take on the Division. Below are some of my ideas, but feel free to contribute. I mainly tried to stick with the faction's overall theme and to fill in archetype spots not yet utilized by the faction.


Heavy weapons – Medium armored attack unit that wields two automatic shotguns, advancing player positions to dump their mags into their faces.. Impractical? Yes. Absolutely devastating should they get close? Absolutely. Elites are faster and reload quicker.

True Sons

Controller – Similar to the Cleaner Controller, but utilizes a smaller and speedier converted camera drone which can flash players like a Firefly. Flashing works wit ha cooldwon period. Elites deploy two drones at a time, and flash more often.

Support – Deploys armor packs to the field that they allies can use to gain an Armor Kit for themselves. Think of Rook from R6: Siege. NPC's with an Armor Kit can use it to repair their lost armor if they can retreat. After their death, the pack is destroyed and gives Armor Kits like BT Support. Armor kits given by Elites grant their allies temporary Bonus Armor.

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Mortar – Deploys a small mortar emplacement on the field, usable by any ally. Mortars lob powerful explosives over cover at considerable distances, but take a while to fire. Elite mortars use airburst shells that cover a wider area and give less time to react.


Chemist – With their Green Poison operation ruined, there crafty Outcasts took the remains and weaponized them, along with other concoctions. They throw Poison Grenades and can boost their allies with extra movement speed. Elites can also heal for a small amount.

Leader – A commanding unit that buffs the abilities of others. Throwers throw more often, Controllers gain speedier RC cars, Chemists are more efficient. EBuffs given by Elites persist for a short while after their death.

Trapper – Sets up tripwires on the battlefield to fortify friendly positions. Normal units use tear gas traps, Veterans upgrade to Fire. Elites use Fire and additionally deploy harder to see bounce mines that deal considerable damage.

Lurker – These Outcast stealth units have studied Division tech and learned to utilize gaps in their spotting systems. Lurkers are fast and hard to see. They advance to player positions from the sidelines to catch them off guard, and their cloaks make them immune to radar, Pulse and any skill targeting. Elites throw accurate Flashbangs when attacked to cover their retreat.

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And because I got a good idea…

Black Tusk

Engineer – Deploys a small and hard-to-hit Repair Drone that attaches to friendly machines and continually repairs them. Can repair any damaged BT tech. Elites


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