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Finally found a use for the Clutch talent. I made a DPS quick self-heal build.

Content of the article: "Finally found a use for the Clutch talent. I made a DPS quick self-heal build."

It started off with the intention of being an armor regen build similar to the old Patience talent that could do good damage as well, but I evolved it into a build reminiscent of the old Clutch/Berserk builds of yesteryear. Not quite as face tanky, but very much channeling that aggression/adrenaline r…uhh…not the like that new talent.

Here is a picture album of the gear I have equipped.

Example clip 1 in solo mission Heroic against a boss.

Example clip 2 in solo open world Heroic against Elites

Example clip 3 in mission on 4 player Heroic scale. (Excuse the audio on this one, was watching a stream in the background. No audio version in the Imgur album.)

So there's a lot of synergy going on that's healing my armor back to full very quickly while outputting good DPS. I've got:

21,062 passive armor regen from gear rolls and Emperor's Guard.

24,862 regen coming from the fixer drone,

14,917 bonus regen w/ the max skill tier increase bonus coming from Mechanical Animal (Future Perfect)

18,150 coming from Clutch on every crit with low armor (There are diminishing returns the higher your armor currently is, don't know exact numbers)

This puts me at 78,991 armor per second with ONE crit heal from Clutch and everything else procced, PLUS 72,601 armor on kill coming from the Gunner skill tree. Easily reaching around 100k per second regen with a full mag unload onto an enemy.

This build is REALLY good, if there isn't a healer present in your group or if you're just rocking out solo. I originally was using a Famas with fast hands for good clutch upkeep (as seen in Example clips 2 & 3), but I found the Mechanical Animal to be better for armor upkeep overall. My damage output is still great, being able to takedown Elites on a 4 man scale in a mag depending on the enemy type.

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The fixer drone is essential and lasts entire firefights should I not run into an outcast suicide bomber's fire or get EMP'd. Emperor's Guard giving additional uptime with the set bonus is nice as well.

Just wanted to share this build because it's one of the most fun I've put together and I haven't seen any builds posted using Clutch efficiently or at all really. Don't know how it would fair in PvP, but probably not as good as the current meta, that we shall not speak of, is.


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