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(Firing Range) I got my Pestilence’s Plague of the Outcasts to spread itself perpetually.

Content of the article: "(Firing Range) I got my Pestilence’s Plague of the Outcasts to spread itself perpetually."

This is kind of a little meta game I've been playing with myself for awhile. I'd tune my Pestilence loadout (affectionately named "SHD.Scourge") and check to see if I'd finally achieved Unending Plague – That is to say, if I could finally achieve a Pestilence Plague so strong that it would perpetually spread and kill and spread around the firing range by itself. It would require at least achieving the highest possible Weapon Damage I could manage on my own (meaning without team buffs) in order to defeat an Elite (yellow) target on its own. Those pesky yellows had always foiled my fun…


But this morning, I finally did it! Watch nearly 5 minutes of it here!… for some reason:


I would have recorded longer, but I mean… It's almost five minutes of me just emoting while my Plague of the Taco Night kills everything for me, soo…

Screenshot of the build is here. The main requirements are as follows:

  • 6 Red Cores, all with max roll of +15% Weapon Damage

  • Glass Cannon chest (non-Perfect, but Perfect would obviously enhance it)

  • Vigilance backpack

  • 1x Walker, Harris & Co. (+5% Weapon Damage)

Does specific weapon damage count toward the Pestilence's Plague of the Outcasts too? If so, then I guess that means the

  • 1x Petrov Defense Group matters too.

All the rest of that build was just complimentary DPS like CHC/CHD, etc. My main intention was to focus on making a really strong Plague, though.

It goes without saying that this build shreds Heroic, and shreds even 4-man Legendary (as long as you can stay upright and shooting with GC), even though it's about as basic as you can get.



I, uh, should mention that the video took like a half hour to upload… and then awhile more to process… and I also had to type and format all this… and it's still killing by itself… I'm starting to feel like Dr. Frankenstein ಠ_ಠ


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