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For everyone who still think this version of the summit will be the final product

Content of the article: "For everyone who still think this version of the summit will be the final product"

First of all, is a pts, its meant to be buggy and you know the rest. Before you start to downvote please read what follows.

The devs are more cautious on what they put on the pts. Dont expect any story from the test server.

After the raid controversy, is expected not to find any source of lore, audiolog, introductions or anything else. Probably those placeholder rooms will contain something about the lore of the skyscraper and that could explain why those rooms are completely empty and a certain encounter is basically impossible. Talking about the impossible encounter…

The 100 floor

We know about the wallhack/paper walls for the final encounter. Very frustrating encounter but probably intended. For the same reason as above, completing the mode will spoil something before the actual release so, to avoid people finding strategies for the final boss, they made the enemy cheating to stop you from getting further. In case this wasnt enough, there is nothing beyond that, not a voice line nor a cinematic.

This build is at least 2 month old

Some of you may have noticed that there are 2 thing missing in the pts that are in the live version. First is the repair trap, the reward for season 2 from hornet. The second is the directive are ammo hoarder and no regen, 2 directives replaced with armor kit and pistolero. Both of these have 1 thing in common: both were introduced in TU10 for the start of season 2. Why would they release an older version to the pts? Easy, to prevent datamine.

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I know that you expect to try a finished version of the summit, but we have on our hands all that we need. The summit is basically complete. We have the difficulty system working, the random pregenerated floors without invisible walls(at least I didnt find any), drops are in line with the difficulty of the floor and those special event dont glitch out(yet. there are still improvements especially for emp). If my hypothesis is correct, in the summit are missing 2 month of development, but we are testing the basement of this skyscraper. Without this the rest can't work.

About the leak/datamine prevention, we literally asked for this. How many post called the devs incompetents for putting those information in the depth of the pts, a version of the game still in development. How many times people complained to pc player that could enjoy the story before the others. We asked and they listened.


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