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Full Written guide for the 2nd Raid Boss – Iron Horse – Captain Fieser

PSA Tips for 2nd Boss

Error Codes Explanation

First of all each code from the furnace room can be simplified for example F#0 is Always Picture 1 P#5 is ALWAYS Picture 2. This can be further simplified by saying JUST the Letter.

Error Codes Simplified

The position of the codes are fixed pictures are always different. Top Row (From Left to Right) F, P, C Bottom Left to right R, M and then #45


1 Hazard DPS (at least 80% burn resistance) 1 Healer with 3 piece eclipse (Yes Eclipse for 3 pc for Hazard Prot), BTSU gloves, 1 pc alps, 1 pc Murakami with Safeguard and Unbreakable.

1 guy running Tank with Perfect Vanguard or Vanguard. 1 guy with Tardigrade. 1 skill build Turret and drone. The rest DPS Unbreakable.


1 Hazard DPS and 1 healer in the Control room. The tank build will be the 1 going into the Furnace room and saying the error codes (Remember it’s just the Letter. He will be based on A. 2nd DPS guy also on A also runs Tardigrade. 2 people on B, 1 skill build, 1 DPS. And in C 2 DPS

First Phase – Error Codes

Before each phase for the error code the WiFi points will start blinking blue. The most important thing here is to try and look at the symbols BEFORE the symbol is called out.

There will be 1 red box corresponding to the correct symbol. Your teammate is responsible for hitting the red box for you and vice versa. So if I am on A and it’s my WiFi box my teammate will shoot it as he’s closer to it. You need to get 1 error code to spawn the boss and 4 more to fill the crucible

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Letting the Boss Break the Control Room window

Instead of someone taking aggro from the boss. You are going to let Fieser break the glass in the control room. The sole purpose of this is more people can concentrate on Ads, Rockets and error codes. The Hazard DPS guy will solely be responsible for opening doors, moving the crucible and doing the water pressure. The Healer will be responsible for calling out the Symbols and healing his teammate

Shooting the Rockets to take down the Train Cannnon

Once you get to 75% this will be the first time you do the rockets if you get the error codes correct the first time around. A will put their rocket in the doorway and same for C. When the Alarm sounds shoot the Trains Cannon with both RPGs to destroy it

What happens when the Crucible is at 100%

Once at 100% the control room will now be responsible to move the Crucible. There will be 2 seperate times where the DPS guy will have to shoot the weak points as it will prevent him from moving the crucible. Both weak points are on the ceiling on top of the crucible

What to do once the Crucible is in Position

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Now the Crucible is in position you need to wait for the Wipe mechanic from the boss and the rockets. After the wipe mechanic, the guys designated for the rockets will go inside the room and operate the water cannons. However they need Water Pressure

Activating the Water cannons

Now here’s the tricky part to explain. There will be gauges to hit the water pressure at A, B and C. A have 3 valves and B and C have 2. Each valve will say either 25 or 15. What each valve says is completely random.

The Water gauge inside the Control Room

Now back in the control room, there will be a water guage that the people in the room needs to watch. The guys in the furnace room will not recieve water until it gets between 80-85. We usually call out for 2 25s and a 15.

If you go over 99, pressure will reset with a 15s cooldown. You need to coordinate with your team to hit another 15 at the exact moment. The water gauge will go down 1 at a time until you reach the optimal pressure

Spraying the Water on the Train Cannon

Once you have water pressure put it on the lava on top of the Train cannon. This will destroy it and we now no longer have to deal with Rockets

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After the Cannon is Destroyed

Finally, wait for the Wipe mechanic. Open C stand in the Doorway,and the 4 DPS guys shoot boss down and you’re done !

Good luck on the 2nd boss agents and I hope this guide helps!


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