Tom Clancy's The Division 2

General advice on 3builds

I just reached watchlevel95yesterday, so i am still quite new to the game.

Build1 "Skilldmg":

Most of my time in endgame i have been playing a turret/drone build. 3empress, 2hana-U,1wyvern. Force-Multiplier and Kinetic Momentum. Capacitor / undecided on second weapon. Most pieces rolled with 10%skilldmg / skillhaste where possible. Don't have any decent mods yet though.

Doing CP4 is "easy" if i pay attention and don't get caught. Legendary floors on summit too.


-is the waveform holster worth it? Seems like i would be losing 10%skilldmg from removing either second hana-U or the wyvern piece. But waveform is an "average 15%skilldmg" if used with turret/drone right?

-which secondary weapon&talent would you recommend, currently almost only using capacitor, and don't want to switch every few seconds

Build2 "CC-Bruiser":

Huntersfury+Ridgeway pride, focussing weapondmg/critchance/Critdmg rolls. Shield and decoy/defenderdrone. Scorpion mainweapon and SMG secondary (haven't decided on SMG/talent yet though). Haven't played around much with it so unclear how strong it can become. Currently using a HunterFury Backpack for the bigger disorient spread and because i don't have max-roll kneepads. Running 3 PFE gearmods, Only 12/12/11% though.


-Do i need to replace the chest or is the HF-talent good?

-How many Gearpieces can/should i reroll to mainstat armor to still do enough dmg on legendary but also get a decent survivability?

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Build3 "Rifledmg for raids" (purely theorycrafting, what should i farm for?):

My "next" build is supposed to be one that i could get into raiding with and use for floor100 as my skillbuild is pretty bad there. I got a diamondback yesterday and have decent fox-prayer kneepads.


-What should i be farming for the last 5slots to get a legendary viable raidbuild? 3Providence is probaly must have? 1Ceska 1Grupo?

-critchance to 60%, as much weapondmg/critdmg as possible…how good is weaponhandling for dmg?

-or is headshot dmg worth more (since with rifle you can go for the head decently?)

-Which chest/Backpack talents should i aim for?

-is the diamondback a good rifle? Talent seems REALLY strong, though it doesn't really need crit-chance right?

-which secondary weapon for the build (or primary if diamondback is shiiat)

Tons of questions, some might have obvious answers. Thanks in advance


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