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Healers, we need to talk. (A guide to healing like you care)

Spent thousands of hours on the game and loved it. Healer is my favourite build type. I love supporting the team and giving them extra damage.

However, when someone insists I come off healer and I see how they play the role, I cry and die a little inside.

Here's a few pointers to playing the healer role more effectively.

The Build

  1. The strongest healing gear is Future Initiative x4, Alps/Hana-U bag and BTSU gloves. You can either use Safeguard on the bag or Opportunistic to help your squad do more damage
  2. For weapons, I go with Reformation Assault Rifle and Sweet Dreams Shotty for instant kills. Some go for Capacitor. The reason why I don't is that it takes my focus off healing and also gets fewer kills per mission than Sweet Dreams gets. Scorpio can be a good option to slow enemies down but you're keeping yourself front line, which is risky for a healer. Bullet King is a great choice for suppressing enemies
  3. For skills, I go for Chem Launcher and Restorer Hive. Some go for the +1 ammo mod for the Chem but lately I go for more radius, as I don't run low on Chems
  4. Go for Survivalist specialisation for 10% extra skill haste when in cover and 10% protection from elites. Both help a little

Healing/Support Tips

  1. If you only learn one thing, please let it be this: It's your job is to heal more than agent armour = heal skills too. If your teammate with the amazing Hunter Fury build has their shield broken, their build suffers enormously. Don't let this happen. Keep skills healthy, not only agent armour
  2. Chems don't stack heals, don't try to stack them, it's a waste
  3. Don't heal teammates when they don't need it. It mutes your next burst heal if your team urgently need it
  4. Your guns will do little damage but aim for weak points, environmental destruction and headshots to keep Reformation active
  5. Stay at the back and in cover. In Legendary in particular your job is to remain alive at all costs. If you're alive, your team is being healed and doing damage. Don't go front line and risk death
  6. If two teammates are low on armour and they aren't close to each other, run to one and Chem the other. It will heal both
  7. Don't forget to reset everyone's skills by destroying your hive while having BTSU gloves equipped
  8. Aim for around 30 kills per mission. Use Sweet Dreams to help you. Don't worry if you are playing the healer role perfectly with low kills – your team won't mind. What they don't want is a healer that keeps getting themselves killed and not healing them
  9. Look at the teammate's armour in the bottom right of the screen every few seconds. Don't be a dopey healer that doesn't notice your team needs you
  10. Drop a Chem on yourself when reviving your teammate. You can take a lot of damage during the time it takes to revive. It will save you. Also always heal from cover, as the enemy are more aggressive if you're out of cover
  11. Shoot your teammate's feet when they are trapped in foam
  12. You should revive people, not the DPS builds. They should cover you and shoot, as they do damage. If you are covering the revive, it's almost pointless
  13. Use flame grenades with Survivalist for extra damage against status affected enemies, throw them at NPC spawn locations. Aim for weak points if out of grenades to inflict status effects onto them
  14. Double-tap the Chem button to drop it to your feet. You don't always need to point and shoot the Chem Launcher
  15. Are your teammates running away from your heals? (I know, this is frustrating asf) Then throw your heals where you think they are going, not where they are (I normally throw my hive into an advanced healing position so my aggressive DPS players can confidently go forward)
  16. In missions/situations where you have EMP fields, or a lot of robot dogs dying, Technician is a valid/solid choice as you will be protected from disruption when close (5m) to your skill deploy (Hive). This can also be used to protect teammates
  17. Be very mobile and reactive to your team’s position. Remember to keep moving your Hive to a centralized position relative to your squad
  18. Don't underestimate the value that a healer build can bring to the DZ. If they can't kill your teammate because of constant healing, you're in a great position
  19. Enemy NPC stuck behind a door/wall? Switch your Chem Launcher to the Oxidizer. The range is longer than Fire Chem and you should be gradually able to kill the NPC

Got any other tips? Let me know in the comments and I'll add it to the list. Thanks for reading this far – hope it helps someone out there!


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