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How about adding some additional Gear Sets’ sources

Content of the article: "How about adding some additional Gear Sets’ sources"

So hear meowt.

Exotics have their own unique sources.

Brand Sets have their targeted areas.

But for Gear Sets we have only targeted area for all the Sets and almost all the Pieces in game. And chances that you'll get one particular piece you're looking for are like 1/56 farming the open world. Not mentioning rolls and types of attributes that might be on the piece you got. Don't know anything about how Hunter's Fury is obtainable, but System Corruption has the lowest chance to be yours, since it's DZ exclusive and DZ being targeted area for GS might happen only once in a blue moon, and even then it doesn't guarantee you anything, because your chances now are not 1/56 but 1/62 (still not including H'sF, and shit on me if my math is off). And yes, guns have only weapon type targeted areas as as well as gear sets, but, the huge difference is guns can be interchangeable.

So my suggestion for additional sources is:

Eclipse Protocol —- Cleaners faction

True Patriot —- True Sons faction (duh)

Ongoing Directive —- Outcasts faction

Negotiator's Dilemma —- Black Tusk faction

Striker —- Rikers (no rhyme or reason)

Tip of the Spear —- Hyenas faction

Aces & Eights —- Enemy snipers

Hard Wired —- Enemy technicians

Foundry Bulwark —- Enemy heavies

Future Initiative —- Enemy medics

System Corruption —- DZ exclusivity is "great" like I said. But. Maybe it could be also obtains from defeating rogue agents? And I'm not talking about DZ rogues, no, obviously, because it can be easily cheesed: you go there with your friend, leave the group, kill your friend, respawn-kill/die-repeat. I mean LZ (open world / missions) rogues. Not grant for defeating them, just a chance.

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I guess it's still reasonable that they locked all gear sets behind one huge pool for their unique talents and bonuses, but then again, add a couple more sets to the game and you got yourself a farming sentence.

So, what do you think?

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