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How to make the game fun with casual gamer friends??

Content of the article: "How to make the game fun with casual gamer friends??"

Me and two friends of mine were looking for a fun game we could play in 3-player co-op, so we downloaded The Division while it was free with Xbox Live Gold and even bought The Division 2 because it was on sale. We've only played the first game though, keep that in mind.

But so far we really don't enjoy it: the game is too difficult and co-op difficulty scaling is a joke. My friends are casual gamers, they only play 1-2 times a week and rarely more than a couple of hours at a time. I play more often than them, so sometimes I tackle the game in solo.

To be fair, the game is manageable in solo. But when my friends join me, the number of enemies and their difficulty blow out of proportion. As I said, my friends only play a couple of hours at a time, and it really doesn't feel satisfying to spend these two hours getting wiped until get lucky enough to complete a single mission. It also doesn't help that, since I played more than my friends, I'm higher level than them, and the enemies are incidentally scaled to my level. But we had this problem even before I outleveled them.

I feel like our gear is probably at cause since we level up faster than we drop interesting gear. But the more we play to drop gear at our level and cope this discrepancy, the more EXP we get, thus making our newly-acquired gear obsolete… We can't even farm low-level missions we already completed, because those also scale to our levels, and quickly become impossible to complete.

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So do you guys have any suggestion to make the game fun again? Any way we can get better gear without leveling up too quickly? I know an obvious solution is to "git gud" by praticing, but I repeat that my friends are casual gamers; they want to login and have fun, they don't want these 2h/week to feel like a chore…

Is there an option to turn down the difficulty scaling? Also do you think we would have more fun playing The Division 2 instead or we would also face these issues?


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