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Hunters Fury X Unstoppable Memento (High Damage & Crazy Survivability for Solo / Duo Player)

Content of the article: "Hunters Fury X Unstoppable Memento (High Damage & Crazy Survivability for Solo / Duo Player)"

Hello everyone,

a few days ago Title Update 11 & Season 3 was released for all players. Besides new Exotics, Brandsets & Weapons, there was also a new Gearset – this is called Hunters Fury and can be damn strong if you put it together right and choose the other two parts carefully.

Recently some build guides have been published on YouTube regarding this set – but nobody had a sufficient season level to use one of the most important items for this set – the exotic backpack called Memento!

I would say that the backpack and an intimidate chest are the most important items for this set, no matter if you play with MP, AR or Shotgun.

Furthermore, you should not only go for offensive points, but also for defensive points, so that the talent of the Rucksack is shown to its best advantage and survivability is increased.

The Rucksack basically has two talents: one is a temporary buff of 10s which gives a boost (5% weapon damage for each red point, 10% bonus armor for each blue point and 5% skill damage for each yellow point) based on the given offensive, defensive and utility points when you pick up a trophy. The other buff lasts for 300 seconds and gives 1% weapon damage, 1% skill effiency & 0.1% armor regeneration for each trophy collected – maximum stack is 30 (30%

weapon damage, 30% skill efficiency & 3% armor regeneration)

I had already tested the build on the PTS server and found it to be good. After it was officially released, I built it directly – a detailed breakdown can be found in the Imgur-Library, which I will link here.

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click here for the detailed breakdown of my set —

Besides 4 parts of the set I use an intimidate chest, the Memento Backpack & last but not least the Chatterbox. This weapon has up to 1400rpm thanks to its talent & unlimited magazine, as long as enough kills are made, because 50% of the magazine is filled up per kill. The survivability and damage is just very strong!

I think, however, that this set is best suited solo or at most in a duo – otherwise there may be a lack of damage.


A few facts:

1.3 Million Armor

390,000 Armor on Kill

390.000 Bonus Armor per Trophy collected

755.000er Crits with the Chatterbox


Here I will show you my last Lincoln Memorial Run on heroic with 4 directives in 6:01 with this set.

Check it out, you will surely love it 🙂


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