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I don’t feel Rogue Agents are done enough justice in this game

Content of the article: "I don’t feel Rogue Agents are done enough justice in this game"

I've mentioned this in an earlier post that has since been deleted for being incomprehensible jargon

Before i begin I am aware that the devs have much bigger things to worry about and some players might actually like how rogue agents currently work. That is completely fine but i just wanted to reveal what me and a friend were discussing about rogue agent encounters. they brought some good points and i want to share it with all of you

If you are not aware how rogue agents work allow me to make a brief explanation

  • Rogue agents are named bosses that randomly appear in any mission, stronghold, or open world activity (like invasions in some notable rpg games)
  • Rogue agents are scaled to the difficulty that has been set for the activity they spawn in (normal, hard, etc)
  • Rogue agents vary on how many spawn at a time and it is based on players withing a group. It is (# of players in group) +1 = (# of Rogue agents that spawn) with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5
  • You are warned before hand by ISAC about rogue agents where the next area is merely a rogue agent encounter
  • After completing an encounter they guarantee a named item drop but the drop will be completely random

Alright now that people have an understanding of what rogue agents are, onto what i feel doesn't do justice for rogue agents. Rogue agents should feel like a real test of division players skills and provides them a reward that correlates with that level of difficulty. My suggestions are as follows:

  1. Make challenging the minimum difficulty that rogue agents spawn as but still allowing them to spawn on the lower difficulties
  2. Make the named item have an increase chance to drop an item that correlates with the targeted loot
  3. Make the rogue agent encounters work alongside the usual NPC encounters
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I'm aware that this could sound bad for the lower difficulty players but hear me out. Currently when a player kills a rogue agent on normal or hard they still have the chance to drop purple loot which is something that sounds completely ludicrous in my mind. If we are taking down bosses who are meant to be the bane of our existence we should at least receive high end gear or better.

We can also change how many of them spawn according to difficulty.

Normal: (# of players in group) -1 = (# of challenging rogue agents that spawn) with none spawning when solo and a maximum of 3 when in a full group

Hard: (# of players in group) = (# of challenging rogue agents that spawn) minimum of 1 rogue agent with a maximum of 4 rogue agents when in a full group.

Challenging and Heroic will remain unchanged with heroic difficulty rogue agents scaling with heroic.

There are some benefits to these changes. my first suggestion allows that no matter what difficulty a player is on, the loot that a rogue agent drops will always be good. Even if you are helping a friend on normal or hard, getting a rogue encounter will be very much worth doing for them. This type of engagement would also allow players that are on normal or hard to see if their builds can keep up with the higher difficulties. it could be frustrating when you die but it will make said player rethink their build composition. or it will make them quit the game (I honestly have no idea)

My second suggestion would also make defeating rogue agents much more rewarding. Considering that rogue agents are completely random anyway with the player having no control over them spawning. Getting a rogue encounter on a targeted loot item, will be very much worth doing. For example, if you are farming a Petrov mission and rogue agents are detected. It will have an increased chance of dropping contractors gloves (which are named Petrov gloves).

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My third suggestion was too add a new way to engage the player and also make facing rogue agents a bit more fun. It also would increase the amount of loot you would receive since your are facing Rogue agents on top of the usual NPC encounter. Instead of walking into a room and having the rogue agents just focus the players, i would prefer it to work how it does in the open world.

Allow me to provide an example. Lets say a full group on heroic difficulty is farming non invaded Lincoln Memorial. They are in the court yard (where they face the first tank boss) and as they are fighting the True Sons, get a warning from ISAC stating Rogue Agents detected. The players would switch on "Rogue Agent beat down mode" and head downstairs into the next room. Then one of two scenarios is waiting for them

Scenario one: Players are faced with true sons and rogue agents battling it out over who gets to kill the players (with the rogue agents having a clear upper hand). When the players walk in some of each side starts to fight the players. They are in a 3 sided war to see who will come out on top. The players have the option to finish off the true sons and focus the Rogue agents or use the True sons to their advantage to divide and conquer.

Scenario two: Players arrive to see only true sons. They quickly engage and take them out. Instead of the next wave being more True sons, they are then ambushed by the Rogue agents who would like nothing more than to see their lifeless corpses. As they take down Rogue agents, the next wave of true sons appears and attempts to intervene and either dooming the team or providing the needed distraction to regroup.

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I'm now officially done rambling. I hope that you guys might see something in here that could possibly work or just tell me why you may or may not like it.


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