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I think this change can bring back half of the players, what do you think? (New core skill adjustment)

Content of the article: "I think this change can bring back half of the players, what do you think? (New core skill adjustment)"

It is recommended that the core skills are adjusted as follows:

Skill level LV1 LV2 only one skill can be used>Skill level LV3 LV4 Skill level LV5 LV6 )

The skill level of LV1, LV3, LV5, the skill intensity cast is the current skill level LV3.

The skill level of LV2, LV4, LV6, and the intensity of the skill cast isCurrent skill level LV6.

Example: If your skill level is LV3.You will have two skill slots,One is the LV6 strength skill field of the current version,The other is the current version of the LV3 strength skill field.

And one of the skills in the LV6 skill slot can be Overcharged.

1. In this case, players who use skills will experience more fun.No need to add new content, it adds about 150% of the fun and new changes.

  1. At the same time, you can directly add the attribute effect of the red firepower player and the blue defense player to the skill without breaking the balance. Because these players only have one skill.It is not easy to break the balance.At the same time, the game ecology has been changed. For example, scanning with red attributes will increase damage, and scanning with blue attributes will increase armor.(Depending on the number of attributes, perhaps the core attribute bonus effect is 3 calculations, secondary attribute is 1 calculation**)

**After adopting the new skill changes, the different experience changes of the game are different:Assuming that the player's skill experience effect, the number of changes according to the skill combination is the version of X in TU10.**The new system is:X+X(Red)+X(Blue)+X(OVERCHARGE)+Three skill changes: X*(X-1)*(X-2)So if the current skill changes are assumed to be 10 types, using this design, it is roughly estimated that nearly 80,000% of the effect is increased in the skill mix changes (including the team) and user experience.

3. Significantly increase the player's willingness to use the rainbow to drop, because you will start to feel that many secondary attributes will have meaning and value, no longer complain about the bad drop, the player will be happy.

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4. The configuration of all skill levels will appear, no longer just all red or all yellow or all blue as the mainstream.(Only need to slightly adjust the balance between attack and defense skills)

Even if it is the same configuration, the change of genre will also be greatly improved:6R, 5R1Y, ​​5R1B…2R4Y, 2R2B2Y, if you add secondary attribute change effect**, the same configuration (such as raid green equipment or general fire configuration)

**It will be more diversified and diverse than the current equipment configuration.**It should be a thousand times different from the current setting.

(a) Take a defense drone as an example: 6R12r = 30 red bonuses

Using a defensive drone will increase the player's additional damage by 30%.

6B12B=30 defense bonuses. If the bonus factor for defense drones is 2 times, use this skill. In addition to the original effect, the additional effects of the skill are strengthened, and the damage to the skill target is reduced by 60%

(b) Take pulse scanning as an example: 2Y4R12r = 24 red bonuses, and a sixth-order pulse. Use this pulse to increase the damage of the enemy by 24% and teammates to gain 12%.

And for 2Y4B12b = 24 defense bonus calculations, and a sixth-order pulse. Assuming that the defense bonus factor is twice, using this scan to increase the extra armor by 48%, and teammates get 24% of the effect.

(c) Take the shield as an example again, 6R12r = 30 red factor bonuses. Assuming that the shield attack bonus factor is 0.5, players with full fire configuration can increase 15% additional damage and 15% weapon control.

Another 6B12b = 30 defensive bonuses, the use of shield abnormal state resistance can increase an additional 30%, reduce damage taken by 15% and increase threat by 15%.

(d) Let's cite the treatment skills, such as the treatment gun. 2Y4B12b = 24 defensive bonuses, the subject to be treated is a six-level treatment gun and can be overtreated to 48% (this treatment X1.48 times).

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And 6R12r = 30 attack bonuses, it can be designed to be immune to abnormal state 30X1.5 = 45% for 30 X 0.2 = six seconds.

5. The player will be more satisfied with the effect of the skill, don't care about his insufficient skill level leading to bad effect, or there is no non-yellow attribute, and lack of skill bonus effect.

6. The enemy can also make some changes in response to the player's changes. This will become a new game that can attract about half of AFK players back?

I think it would be a good suggestion to make simple changes and have the chance to cause more than half of the players to return.Thank you.

r = secondary attributes of the red category (critical strike chance, critical strike damage, headshot damage, weapon control ability)b = secondary attributes of the blue category (hazard protection, armor recovery, health, explosion resistance… etc.)y = secondary attributes of the yellow category (skill acceleration, skill damage, skill repair, skill life… etc.)

Calculation of equipment slots is not included

6R12r = The six core attributes are attacks, and the 12 secondary attributes are red categories

From the perspective of acquiring high-end equipment and collecting fun,In terms of design, it is possible to limit the 100% full value of the attribute to calculate the trigger skill bonus count, and to motivate the player to pursue perfect equipment.

The yellow secondary attribute of this setting does not provide any additional bonuses on skill effects.

The damage type, and status type of the skills, you can temporarily ignore the modification of the attack and defense attribute bonus.

However, if it is a professional-specific skill, it should be applied to establish the status of professional skills.

For example:

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"Grenade Mortar": The red attribute can increase the damage to the enemy being hit, and the blue vibration range can reduce the weapon control of the enemy within the vibration range = the hit rate of NPC shooting.

(Please change it too far from the vibration range and it should not shake)

"Banshee Pulse": The red attribute can have abnormal state penetration (that is, an additional negative effect on the abnormal state), and the blue defense attribute can increase the additional armor value according to the number of enemies hit.

By the way: "Therapeutic Ball" should be able to be manually controlled like a therapeutic drone, with the function of turning on automatic AI.



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