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i want to play this, but cant bring myself to it…. hows it doing now

Content of the article: "i want to play this, but cant bring myself to it…. hows it doing now"

hey guys so i had the first game, loved the aesthetic of the game, that eerie NY setting with the snow, fog, xmas lights , even though it wasnt the best game it just had that appeal to it, i wish they had done more with the story and expanded new york so we could eventually explore it all and i had my own sort of fan fiction idea of where the story should go and how it should evolve…. but it didnt and thats a different story altogether lol .

fast forward to the launch of D2 and i dont think iv stopped playing a game sooner, the setting did nothing for me, i got a bit overwhelmed with side missions,upgrades and gearing, whether i just wasnt paying attention or it was drastically different and more difficult i just couldnt get my head either around it or into it, same with the classes i just couldnt seem to find that weapon set or ability set to gel with and think oooh this is where i want to be aiming…. and then theres my fav part of any game that makes me want to turn it off as soon as it begins….. bullet sponges, everryyyyyyyyyyy enemy is just taking nerf bullets to its face laughing at you for what seems like an eternity, rinse repeat move on. so …… i gave up with it pretty early on.

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then the warlords of NY expansion hit, now iv not played it , nor have i purchased it yet, but going back to the NY setting appeals more than the base game itself, its on sale at the moment so im wondering whether to give it another shot, so i have questions below…….

1 – how overall is the game now, has it improved, are enemies less spongey, does it feel less of a chore as you go on .

2 – classes – have they added anything to abilities etc, is there a go to ''meta'' of sorts tto make life less a drag and more of a joy.

3 – gear and upgrades – is this as difficult as i thought it was, or am i over complicating things, also i presume since release i may have missed some events or something, are there raids as such available now , is good gear accessible to someone ''new'' to the game so to speak .

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4- NY – the selling point to me, is it the same NY we visited before, smaller? bigger? more to do? more buildings etc, whats the lifespan of NY do you spend a good amount of time here or is it just a tacked on DLC, also what happens with character, as i presume you have to be a certain level to go here , does it boost your current character to X level , or do you just have to go through the game until you hit the required level.

5 – anyhting iv missed that may be useful or informative to someone looking to return to the game.

thanks in advance.


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