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I wish Division 2 had Division 1’s customization system for clothing. Or at least, parts of it.

Content of the article: "I wish Division 2 had Division 1’s customization system for clothing. Or at least, parts of it."

I really miss being able to select things like jacket and shirt separately. Also in my opinion, D1 had cooler customization options and more variety, D2 feels like it’s heavily lacking which is a shame. I won’t lie, part of the reason I play these games is for the fashion.

But part of the reason D1 had better customization, in my opinion, is because of D1’s ‘winter-in-New York’ setting. It put a heavy emphasis on all sorts of different types of winter clothes like heavy jackets, sweaters, pom-pom hats, etc. D2 doesn’t have the same setting, so it can’t really benefit from much of D1’s selection which is just a crying shame in my eyes.

D2 took a step in the right direction by letting you change the appearance of your various armor pieces, but it seemed to take a step back with the rest of the customization honestly.

And it’s been 2 games now where they haven’t allowed us to simply hide our chest armor if we want to.

Some customization pieces automatically hide the body armor, but most of the chest options don’t, meaning I don’t even get to appreciate that snazzy new jacket I picked up because most of it is covered up by my chest rig.

And yet i can put on a different chestpiece that automatically hides the chest rig, so why not just make it an option to hide it on any customization piece? Instead of it being weirdly selective.

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We can already choose to show our masks or not, so why not do the same with the body armor?

If a Division 3 ever comes, I hope they really go all out with the customization. Being able to hide or show any piece of armor (like being able to hide your kneepads, or only show the left one or the right one, etc.), and I’d especially love it if they gave us the option to only be able to carry one primary weapon, like in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. I don’t mind carrying 2 primaries as it’s a common thing in these games, but part of me would love to be able to play a “realistic” agent that only carries 1 rifle and a sidearm, rather than magically having a second primary sitting on his backpack whenever he grabs his first one. But that’s just me! What are your guys thoughts?


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