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Idea for new risk vs reward experience

Content of the article: "Idea for new risk vs reward experience"

Off the top of my head, I thought of this in a Facebook comment, and let my thinking freewheel to the end of the idea. Just wanted to see what people thought of it.

This is my take on how to implement a Dark Souls style encounter system.

. Add on to heroic open world the ability to hop in and invade another players world. Have hacking terminals at specific points in each territory that when your group use them it hops your squad into the open world of the team you are hunting.

Open world would be done on a semi centrally placed terminal that,once a group is found, and thier instance gets invaded, the load screen would be covered by a bounty style screen. With all the squad memebers seeing a map with the target squads location marked on it. At this point a timer can start counting down for the hinting squad to find and kill the target agents. If they are found and killed they could get a confirmed kill marker, and they then have to get to the nearest terminal to extract (have marked doors that are exfill areas for the invading force) a timer will be triggered and the location marked, so the hunted can then try and get revenge and steal thier marker back, as well as gain one off the invader.

Once the invaders are all killed, or have escaped with thier target markers, god rolled gear could be rewarded per marker. This means a solo sniper invading a 4 man group doing a control poin has the chance of gaining 4 god roll items, if he can kill them and get out. Also have the item linked to the targeted loot of the area you extracted from, so you could invade in China light, but evac in providence.

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Have it so you can choose from your squad size up of how many players you will go against, so the defending team are always the same number or more than the attackers. And have it so it is only triggered by control points when the flare for calling in npc backup has gone off, or when the control poibt 8s captured, much like npc rogue agents, that makes you eligible to invade the mission.

Also, have it optional to allow invasions in 1-3 man parties, but always on in 4 man groups. This way if you roll a 3 man farming, you can do it safely, but a 4 man farming team need keep thier wits about them more, as they are already getting max amount of drops, and can farm more efficiently than other 1-3 man groups.


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