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IMO: The only way to save this IP

Content of the article: "IMO: The only way to save this IP"

We all know that the IP of this game is not strong.
The MAIN thing The Division is dominating in is the "tactical shooter" mixed with looter-shooter.

It is fairly good/decent with the looter-shooter area. However, as we all know, there is a hard end with ALL looter-games. And that is the cap/meta. Just like any other game, you will finally get all the stuff you need and you max everything out. Just like Wow, just like Destiny, just like every other Looter game.

Tactical Shooter:
It's not tank and spank with your gear, you need to take cover and avoid damage. You do need in some manner aim at specific areas of an enemy to destroy weakpoints etc. This sure is tactical in some way but not in any way in a high regard. It is pretty common in all games today there is mechanics to solve the puzzle.

Where things gets risky and boring:
Meanwhile you cap your build and get everything you need. Suddenly, the only "endgame-content" you do is speedruns. To make the game difficult, the enemies just get increased dmg and HP. The risk is all NPC get bullet sponges and you get one shotted by a sniper, even with your awesome gear.

Where TD should focus on:
Don't do the Looter shooter RPG. Everyone knows there is a limit of how fun it can be and you need to invest a lot of resources to develop new stuff to hunt for. Instead of Stats in gears, there should be FUNCTIONAL advantage in loot. Here I would like to point out something I miss from TD1, the class-system where you need tank, healer and dmg. This should be expanded.
Take inspiration from Rainbow Six, Swat 4, Door Kickers 2 or any other tactical game. Loot is defined by what they give you in advantage and what disadvantage you get.

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There should be stats in the game but there should be more focus on what real problems and obstacle the stats should solve.

I think Massive did a good job on TD2. For example when they introduced new units, dogs with miniguns and mortars who run around, flanking you real hard, is a major good update. Suddenly someone who used Shield was good again to counter it.

A great benefit of doing functional different loot and game mechanics:
Together with random position on AI, units, tactical layout of maps, mechanics, traps. You keep things interesting and challenging. If you as agents have a wide range of tools to pick and choose from, every instance will be interesting to explore. The important thing here is: Since it's more functional difference in gear, you get disadvantage in other areas, as it should be.

The greatest content a game can give is fun repetition, great gameplay and every time a challenge to do it. PVP is probably, in the end, the best content to offer since there so many factors that contribute to an amazing game. Look at Rainbow Six, Dota, SC, CS etc.

TD is a great game, the concept is awesome. And to be fair, I rather have this game as a Live-Service (urgh) where I don't lose my character each time I buy the latest game.

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