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In-depth guides to obtaining all 25 Hunter masks | Part 1 (Introduction + masks 1-4)

Content of the article: "In-depth guides to obtaining all 25 Hunter masks | Part 1 (Introduction + masks 1-4)"

Quick intro to Hunters (+disclaimer)

Hunters are debatably the most dangerous enemy you can fight in the normal world in either division game. In the first game, you get the mask for killing a certain amount of hunters (for example: kill 100 hunters in the underground). In Division 2, you have to kill the likewise spawned hunter once. Hunters have substantially more armor and higher damage output than most if not all enemies in the normal world (outside of bazooka dudes). They also disable skills, and teleport away if they don't take damage for long enough. For this reason, I highly recommend you set your world to normal difficulty when you fight these guys (unless you seek a challenge). With all that out of the way, lets do this.

Disclaimer: This series is only in so many parts due to reddit only allowing 20 pictures per post. I wish I could do the full thing in one go, but I can't. Luckily, these are the easy masks, and you can probably snag all of them in one in-game night if you're quick.

I'm going to list these in order of easiest to spawn + fight. The further down the guide you go, the harder this is going to get to both fight them, and just spawn them in the first place.

MASSIVE THING TO REMEMBER: You can only spawn hunters when the in-game timer passes 21:00 (or 9PM in military time). You can find this clock by hitting Escape and then holding F, which will put you into photo mode.

Mask #0: Setup

In order to have the ability to even spawn hunters in, you must first complete the distress signal mission given by Agent Edwards once you reach level 16 (or 17, its one of the two). Its marked on your map as such, and when you select it, Agent Edwards will request that you join him to clear a building. Clear the building and at the end, you will be forced to fight a Hunter. You cannot kill this hunter, and it can't squad wipe you (the game physically does not allow you or the hunter to die). Chances are you've already done this, and can skip this step entirely (as you already did it :D).

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Mask #1: Demon

Not quite the easiest to spawn, but definitely the easiest to take down. Head to the Theater settlement (or the Demolition Site CP if it is cleared), and head into the building shown here:

This is the same building as the distress signal, and (assumed to be) the same hunter. Once inside the building, you will be met with a large open area. Up in the windows, you will see 4 targets. Hit the targets from left to right with one shot each:

If you do it after 9PM, the Demon Hunter will spawn under the structure of the 4th target. I recommend getting somewhere high up to fight this guy, and just rain bullets onto him. Keep shooting until the fight ends one way or another. If your squad gets wiped, you'll have to wait until the next night to spawn him again, or join someone else's world if you're fast enough.

There's also a supply crate up in the rafters, so snag that while you're there too.

Mask #2: Wraith

I consider the Wraith mask to be slightly harder to acquire, simply because of the environment you fight him in. For starters, it is probably the most infamous method of spawning it out of the 25. Most people have heard the story of "Shoot the light out from the memorial and then salute it." That's how you spawn Wraith. Head to the Liberty's Call safehouse and head east to this monument located here:

Typically there's something going on behind it, usually being territory control. Clearing it is up to you, they sometimes will attack the hunter if it runs close enough to them. If the owners of the territory control hear the hunter's gunfire, they will engage the hunter. Now, spawning them is very easy.

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Shoot the left spotlight out with any gun, a grenade might even work (but don't quote me on that). Then stand behind the flagpole and use the salute emote. If you're in a squad with other people, at least two of you have to salute at the same time for this to work. Sometimes all of you, sometimes only two, no idea why. Just be ready, the hunter will spawn where the orange circle is.

Although he spawns right on top of you, his first instinct will be to seek cover. You have a couple seconds to duck behind a nearby wall before possibly being ripped to shreds. Same story as last time though, shoot until someone wins (hopefully you). If you lose, you have to wait until the next night or a server reset (this goes for all hunters, so I won't mention it again after this point).

Mask #3: Crimson

Crimson is more or less the same difficulty as Wraith is, difference being "you are now fighting in a courtyard." Fast travel to the District Union Arena and head into the building directly behind you and on your left (once you turn around):

Really easy spawn, interact with one phone:

Run across the courtyard, and interact with the other one:

Hunter will spawn outside in the courtyard. Same deal, shoot a lot, try not to die, pick up a pretty sweet mask.

Mask #4: Ghoul

Now we're getting into the ones that require some real setup to do. Fast travel to The Shop safehouse and head for this underground section here:

Head down the side drain pipe with this lightbulb hanging down (foreshadowing).

Activate the ECHO while you're down here as well. Then, go up this this laptop and use it. The map will light up orange, and reveal a spot on the lake for you to go and visit:

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The last step is the easiest. In the sniper stand in the middle of the lake, there will be a lightbulb hanging down (like in the pipe entrance). As soon as you shoot it, the hunter will spawn under it.

Same deal again, kill or be killed. If all goes to plan, you can pick up all four of these masks in one in-game night. Two strategies that I see work exceptionally well are either using the riot foam chem launcher with DPM builds, or signature weapon spam. Ultimately, you can also just fight them like normal, and it usually will work out fine.

Enjoy your four new masks, and look out for the sequel guides!


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