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In-depth guides to obtaining all 25 Hunter masks | Part 2 (Masks 5-9)

Content of the article: "In-depth guides to obtaining all 25 Hunter masks | Part 2 (Masks 5-9)"

Introductory Post | Masks 1-4

All of the info you need is in the above post. You came for the masks, so lets jump in.

We've already covered all of the really easy masks to get. These will either be slightly or notably harder to get, and it gets even harder from here. Remember, the further down the list we get, the harder the mask is to retrieve. Obligatory reminder that these can only be done when the in-game timer is between 21:00 and 07:00.

Mask #5: Spectre

My second-favorite mask out of the 25 is actually quite easy to spawn, and the fight is average. Fast-travel do Dark-Zone South and head to the contaminated area nearby:

Enter the zone (clear it if you have to) and then get on top of this truck:

Shoot only the bottom windows in shown order, including the one behind the tarp. If you miss a shot anywhere or shoot a window twice, it will be marked as a fail, and the hunter won't spawn. As soon as you shoot the 13th window, the hunter will spawn where my chem launcher is pointed.

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He spawns in a corner but will leave it as soon as possible, so be ready.

Mask #6: Ghost

There are two ways to get this mask. One is by finding Ghost luring around the Washington Monument in the buildings. Since you are deliberately trying to get it, lets go with the deliberate method. Go to the Washington Monument (fast travel, run and clear, whatever you gotta do). Go into the basement after 21:00 and activate this terminal:

The screen will light up with a few locations on the map for you to visit. Go to each of these gravesites and salute towards the Washington Monument.

Once you've done that, go back to that terminal and interact with it again. The signature Division ring will be on the screen. When you go outside, this will be on the ground:

Stand inside of that ring for a few seconds, and the Hunter will spawn in front of you roughly 1/3 of the way down the hill. Take him down, get the mask.

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Masks #7 and #8: Midas and Revenant

By far the easiest masks to spawn in, but twice as hard to take them down. Head to the Potomac Relief Center, which is the C-shaped building directly above the Theater. Now do this step absolutely perfectly, and as precise as possible.

Do jumping jacks in the pool…

The hunters will spawn right here. Yes, Hunters. Plural.

Taking down two Hunters at once is much more difficult than fighting just the one. However, these are the easiest masks to spawn in the game. If have to kill each hunter for their respective mask. If you only kill one mask, you must kill the other hunter on a different attempt. If you only kill one, both will spawn every attempt until you kill the other one.

Through these guides, you now know how to get 8/25 hunter masks without a ton of effort. More to come in the future! It only gets harder from here however…


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