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In-depth guides to obtaining all 25* Hunter masks (Part 3 | Masks 10-14)

Content of the article: "In-depth guides to obtaining all 25* Hunter masks (Part 3 | Masks 10-14)"

Previous guide posts in my comment down below

This is the stage where we really get into the ones that take some time to spawn in. I recommend only going after these ones when you've done all of the masks from the previous two guides (again, links to them are in my comment). Today, we'll get some masks that are in the expansion. If you do not own the expansion, I cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain some of these masks. For this guide, the instructions will be assuming you have already eliminated Keener (since most of the masks are in D.C. anyways). With all that out of the way, lets dive in.

Mask #10: Divide

And here we go in New York! Travel to New York and clear the following areas (at any point of the day, it doesn't matter when you do this part):

None of that was a step to spawn the hunter, but it makes life wayyyyy easier later. You'll see why pretty soon. Go to the middle area (the territory control in the above screenshot) and interact with this generator after 21:00 (9PM):

Once you've done that, head to these four locations on the map and interact with the flag buried in the ground at each location (orange circle is where it is):

Just outside of the Food Bank safehouse

Up in the side building of the Celebration Hotel (don't forget to get the SHD Cache)

Behind the Waterfront control point

And finally off of this dock that was part of that one mission I can't remember

Once you've collected all the flags, head back to the area where the little generator was with all the flagpoles. Go to each flagpole that doesn't have a flag in it, and interact with it to place the flag onto them:

No particular order, just make sure you do all of them.

Once you've done that, interact with the generator again to make the hunter spawn. An orange ring will appear in the middle of the flags, quickly followed by smoke. The steps sound like they take a long time, but the longest part is just clearing the areas you need to grab flags at. If you're lucky, there might be a supply drop there. If there is, the hunter will spawn stuck inside of a crate, and won't be able to move. Also yikes, 8 pictures in and only one mask in. I'll manage I think 😉

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Mask #11: Camo

Alright, buckle up for this one. This is a test mask for you to see how absurd the requirements

You start by fast-traveling to the Space Administration HQ building (all the way in the bottom-right corner of D.C.). Head east until you see this doorway:

After you use the tablet, the room should light up orange. Fast travel to the construction site at the very top of the map (no idea why they put these two steps legitimately the entire height of the map apart, but they did). Just for extra references, the CP to the east of the site (Manhunt CP) is the Red Dragon CP. The CP to the south of the site (Friendly CP) is the MLK Library. Both CPs and the site are located in Downtown East. Once there (clear it of hostiles if you have to), climb up the construction stand and (if it is after 9PM) interact with this button:

All of the spotlights in the area will go out except for the one in the front, which will turn orange. They will light in a specific pattern. If you want to try memorizing it just by seeing it go ahead, I did it for you anyways:

This looks confusing (because this universe's Washington D.C. gets 4x as much rain as ours) but don't worry. The first light is simple enough to find. From there, go up the embankment to the second light, which is at the top of it. The third light is directly to the right of the second. The fourth light is directly behind the second one. The fifth light is all the way in the back corner of the construction site. If you've done the sequence correctly, go back to the orange spotlight and interact with it. As soon as you interact with that spotlight, the hunter will spawn up on the platform the button is on. The fight is slightly tricky, as this area has a lot of cover to work with, but its not a huge problem if you use riot foam.

Mask #12: Carbon

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This is the mask that really made me start questioning if people were actually finding these on their own. Read through the steps, and you be the judge.

Head to the Toxic Alley CP (and clear it if you want to, doesn't mean anything if you do or don't). Next to the CP, there is an underground sewage pipe. Go into the sewers and destroy these four electrical boxes (your boxes will be yellow, mine are darkened since I've already killed Carbon):

Once you've shot all four boxes, head back into that huge room you've no-doubt passed through at this point and interact with the fuse box on the second level. Once you do, all the lights will go out, and one light will shine on a boss in the middle of the room. This is not the Hunter. He's pretty tanky, but if you've already killed other hunters up to this point, he's not a problem. Upon death, he drops a movie ticket (or ticket of some variety, its not important what its called). Pick it up and then travel to this building here (entrance is on the same side my player marker is on):

Interact with that computer. AS SOON AS you interact, the hunter will spawn halfway between you and the end of the room you are facing. Same deal, shoot a lot, get a mask. This is an intro for things to come in the last two guides. Essentially take what you just did, and double it in every aspect, including hunters.

Masks #13 and #14: Drama and Weirdo

Ignore the black bumps sticking out of the Weirdo mask (blue).

Capping off today's guide, we have the D.C. duo from the expansion pack. Remember how easy it was to spawn Midas and Revenant? Well this is nothing like that, so definitely be ready for this one. Go to these two Christmas markets and interact with these two presents (you can do this part at any hour):

Once you've collected both presents (or the keys they give), fast travel to DUA and head through the building you fought Crimson in (if you've been following the guides in order):

Activate both generators, then hop behind the walls. Pull both switches to turn on the radio towers, then go back to the middle platform (click image to expand)

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Pushing the button will spawn both hunters up on the platform of the building, and they will jump down after a few seconds of being up there. You can damage them in this period, but they will be MOVIN FAST to get into cover. As is the norm, two hunters is twice as hard. Focus one down, then focus the other one down. These two are actually quite hard to fight, as they will circle around you on different sides. As a reward of taking them down, you get two pretty unique masks that look pretty nice.

Next guide will cover the rest of the "first wave" masks (i.e. pre-expansion masks), and the Angel mask. Good luck with collecting these first (technically) 14 masks. This is the first set that will probably give you a challenge, and take some serious time to complete.

Happy hunting hunters hunter hunters 😀


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