Tom Clancy's The Division 2

In more than 50 floors of The Summit, i haven’t seen a single window…

Content of the article: "In more than 50 floors of The Summit, i haven’t seen a single window…"

A quote of one of my clanmates while he was playing.

I find it extremly on point in regard of the content : the idea is awesome, but the realisation is seriously lacking.

While i haven't been playing the content myself (can't play the PTS), here is a condensed feedback :

– no scenarisation : one intro comm, a bit of speech and you're done. Why are we tehre ? Why are all factions together ? You'll learn nothing…

– lack of architecture logic : saw the mate take an elevator up, then drop down an elevator shaft to find himself into a technical floor, and drop again on main floor (that's -2 floors). Call this minor but my brain can't understand this kind of oddities

– lack of variation : sur there are a lot of different blocks and layout possible, but during those 50 ish floor, we had 0 feeling of progression. It could have been cool to see the floor in better state (or worse) as we go up, see the actual layout of the floor play any kind of role (which wasn't, all env' could have been remplaced by some concrete block and that would have given the same feeling)

– lack of surprises : almsot no surprises. At all. One Rogue encounter. A tiny bit of Underground guys and that's all. Other than that, it was : ho, hack warhound with Cleaners. Now it's hacked warhound with Outcasts. Hey, interact with those computers. done, next. It could be nice to see some kind of twists sometimes : hack the warhounds, hack fails, boss spawn ! Interact with computer, BAM : all doors open and you are flooded with ennemies. Open a door, hooo, 2-3 loot goblins running away. Add some surprise in there !

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Overall, the experience was not very interesting. Not very hard in the 50 floor, not rewarding at all for someone that play Heroic or Legendary. In fact, it was boring after 10 floors, as all other floors where jsut teh same with slighlty harder npcs and somethimes a directive, that have little to no impact of the flow…


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