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In my opinion, as far as new gear acquisition, Title Update 11 has been the best damn update since the release of Div2.

Content of the article: "In my opinion, as far as new gear acquisition, Title Update 11 has been the best damn update since the release of Div2."

Man, where do I even begin.

Almost all the gear in this entire update has been fucking PHENOMENAL. EXCEPTIONAL. EXTRAORDINARY.

This update bringing all this new gear has got me hooked on this game again. The gear is so fun to play around and make new builds with, and its powerful too. But not too powerful to make the game boring. It strikes that perfect balance.

I'm beyond impressed and happy with the gear MASSIVE brought to us in this update.

Take the backfire exotic SMG. When you utilize its talent just right, man, you could be putting out obscene amounts of damage. Damage so high that even a tank with all blues can be putting out DPS red build-like damage numbers. But it has a serious drawback putting it in check. This weapon got me using gear pieces i've NEEEEEVA used before like the ninja exotic kneepads. AMAZING!!

The new SIX12 shotgun. Man, this shotgun single-handedly put shotguns back on the map with its amazing stats. Now Im seeing all kinds of people using this shotgun now. And the named shotgun is even better with armor on kill. WONDERFUL!!

The new Kard pistol has great stats to make it a decent choice for a pistol build but the +1 skill tier, good lord the skill build possibilities this thing brings to the table. My DPS/healing build is better due to this weapon. ASTONISHING!!

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The new Belstone brand that gives you armor regen with only 1 piece!? SAY WHAT!? and the second piece gives your armor on kill!? Say no more. Blue builds and hybrid builds with blue stats just got a massive boost thanks to this brand added in. SUBLIME!!!

And we can't forget about the best got damn weapon damage gearset in the game, the all mighty Hunters Fury. This set brought a playstyle that almost no one used, to the very forefront of playstyles people now prefer to play. The berserk, close and personal, high risk high reward, super aggressive playstyle. I dont even need to say more, you all know about this gearset because people cant shutup about how great it is. INCREDIBLE!!!

And the best for last, the fucking holy grail of exotic gear pieces, all hail the MEMENTO. Man, this exotic has it all. This exotic is so unique and has such amazing synergy with so many other talents, gearsets, and builds. Its breath-taking. The new build possibilities ive seen from some folk on discord, youtube, and such with this backpack man. What the ninja backpack was to Division 1 is what the Memento backpack is to Div2. GOD-tier gear this one. MARVELOUS!!

Massive, dont touch a damn thing with these pieces. Leave the Nerf hammer on the shelf. Dont even look at it. >:l

I been playing everyday for hours since this update went live. I havent played this game that much since the release of WARLORDS. For someone like me who at work all the time, that says a lot!

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So im my opinion, when it comes to new gear added to the game, this is the best update thus far. If you dont agree, Ill fight you! ILL DIE ON THIS HILL!!! lol nah let me stop.

Gotta give props when they're due and I gotta give them to MASSIVE for this one. Keep that shit up!!!



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