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Just finished the Summit, here is my feedback

Content of the article: "Just finished the Summit, here is my feedback"

Hello everyone.

I was really excited for this mode for basically 2 reasons, replay-ability and legendary loot.It sound really cool, to climb up to the top, fight different factions and get showers of loot.

Here are my points.

The music is amazing I love the usage of the different sound tracks. This was basically the only reason why the journey was not as boring as it could be. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOT, DO NOT USE THE ROGUE AGENT MUSIC RANDOMLY! WTF?!?

The last boss is a total joke. An unkillable bullet sponge, that needed only 2 shots to kill me, was able to shoot through walls and disabled all skills. While they were and interesting and enjoyable encounter in the original game, they are the definition of unfair in this product. I do not understand how anyone can enjoy them in the current state.

A replay-able mode requires some sort of reward. The cosmetics do not interest me and there is no loot. 2 already open chests every 10 floors and no drops from the bosses. Additionally, basically no drops from random enemies. From floor 40 to 50 I got 4 drops. The other floor segments were equally disheartening. The highest amount was 9 on 70 to 80. I am disappointed that in the current state, open world is still more efficient. Sure, it is another source of targeted loot, but what is the point if the time investment is wasted?

I personally do not like to be forced to play with directives. It adds some spice in to the gameplay-loop, but I would prefer an option to turn them on optionally and reduce the amount of floors. Maybe make some encounters/rooms more creative?

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That leads me to the repetitive gameplay. The only interesting objective is the "hacked Warhound". (it is kinda stupid when BT have them, but it fits the writing style of Div2)Every other one felt exactly the same, enter a room, clean it up, do the thing (jammer or shd cache), proceed, repeat.Different factions did not make any difference. With the same rooms and the same gameplay-loop I even zoned completely out.

My main issue however, are bullet sponges. Every Veteran and Elite on Heroic and Legendary is a bullet sponge that deals an absurd amount of damage.I am aware that the devs and most active players equalize sponginess with difficulty for some reason, so I do not expect a change. However, considering how much it influenced my experience in a negative way, it is worth mentioning. This combined with random spawn points and the huge amount of enemies, let to really frustrating wipes.

Overall, I did not like it and will treat like Kenlys college, get the exotic then avoid it like the plague.

This is just my opinion, so do not let my view on it ruin your experience.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.


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