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Just had my first Dark Zone experience… I never knew what I was missing!

Content of the article: "Just had my first Dark Zone experience… I never knew what I was missing!"

Last night, I was trying the DZ in The Division 1 for the first time. I've only recently begin to play the game since it went on Xbox Gold, so I was still Rank 10 on PVE and only a single decent Blue Item equipped with me.

I walked in with another player that we matched for the Emporium Mission, we were using our mics and trying to take it nice and slow since it was both of us first time. We walked into the DZ only to be met with a Firefight between some other six players and a bunch of Gold level enemies that only appeared as Skulls for us; we stayed back only popping the occasional shot and that little firefight took us from DZ Rank 1 to DZ Rank 5.

We were walking around and doing some rando stuff, but I didn't manage to get a single extraction at that point. I finally found some good loot and my squad-mate decides he's going it a night, at that point I didn't exactly knew how the stealth worked but I decide I was going to get these items out!

I was in DZ02 with Rank08, so pretty much everything that appeared had a Skull above them and could one kill me with two shots, so I took it really slow. I remember I was near the Library but didn't actually went in. I managed to sneak through a bunch of rioters patrol without being seen, and then I saw in the Map the icon for the Safe-house.

I tried to sneak my way to the safe house, but around it there was a firefight with a Named enemy, Animal, going on between three other players. I took the stupid decision of trying to fight the Rioters before getting inside the Safe House. I got shot in the face and the other players also died around me.

I spawned back in the Checkpoint some 200m away, and ran all the way to the safe house. This time I went in the safe house first and stocked up. I exited from the Balcony and from there I could see My dropped loot, along with the loot from the other three players. Animal and a bunch of Skull level Rioters were roaming around, I spent a good 10 minutes over there thinking what the fuck would I do, when somebody started taking pot shots at Animal.

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It was a completely different player with a Sniper shooting from down the street, and I saw my opportunity. I started taking shots, cheesing Animal from the Balcony with my SCAR-H Rank 10 (wow such impressive); He couldn't quite land the shots as I was cheesing him with the 3D camera, but whenever he shot me I died and spawned at the Safe House, only to exit and start shooting him again.

It took me and the other dude, some good 30 mins to get everyone down, but we did it! I immediately ran to my loot and managed to load up with 6 pretty great Items for my shitty Rank 10. As I was taking the loot, a Blizzard came over and I didn't managed to find the mysterious guy who helped me with Animal. The nearest extraction point was the Parking lot, so there I went sneaking but this time my palms were sweating from all the good loot I was carrying.

The fucking placed was crammed with rioters, but with patience I managed to sneak in through the Bad AI ( I also discovered that movement between cover is always concealed). I got to the top level and called the Extraction, but nobody had told me that a fucking Swarm of Rioters would appear. Besides the guys already near, 4 Groups of Rioters appeared, 2 bellow and 2 on the Extraction point. I cowered into the parking lot stairs. But the fucking fuckers sniffed me all the way to the stairs and killed me.

I reasoned with myself that since I died inside the stairs, that other players would have a hard time finding my precious loot; So I tried going in again, sneaking all the way through the parking lot. I noticed that my items appeared on the map, I don't know if it would appear for other players or not but I counted this is as a sign that I had to get these items out.

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The parking lot was infested, and it took me three tries to get to my items each time moving them more into the open street. I don't know if the DZ was empty, but I hadn't seen another player since the mysterious sniper helped me with Animal. And finally, when I took my loot away from the parking lot running for my life to another extraction Zone.

I managed to get within a block from the DZ01 Extraction point, and of the corner of the Street a bunch of players ran pass me to the other way; Chasing them was a Rank 99 Rogue Agent! I tried to hide, and use my Pulse that gave concealment; But they guy went through everybody like the Terminator. I guess the loot was too insignificant for him, because he just left everything on the ground and left looking for some other victims.

I managed to run from the checkpoint and arrive at the loot at the same time as the other players, I took my loot and didn't even tried to check the others. Once everybody was back to where we were before the Tornado passed through, we all went to the Extraction in the crossing of DZ01. I immediately popped the Flare and waited for the Swarm. Since we were in DZ01 this time, the ranks of enemies were lower and I managed to take the damage better than before. And I wasn't alone.

We pushed through the Rioters, but just barely since everybody was on DZ Rank 08 or 09, by then my hands were shaking and my heart pumping. The rope dropped. I fucking ran and placed my stash, at that point some other players higher rank than us appeared and I swear to god it felt like the Cavalry had arrived. Nobody tried to cut the rope, and when it came up I watched the chopper go away, the Achievement for the first Extraction appeared and I could finally breath again.

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I think I'm addicted now.


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