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I just wanted to say something…

DPS builds depend on talents, crits, and type of weapon.

DPS builds in general depend heavily on synergy to be effective in taking out harder to kill NPCs. So if you have a build that has something like unbreakable and bloodsucker you will do less damage compared to a focus and vigilance pair of talents in the same build. Only because you are prioritizing survivability over damage.

One question that is asked a lot is if you have an all red build does it matter the talents you pair with it? Yes it does because you need to optimize your build to do the job effectively. The job of a DPS is to take out the hard to kill enemies ( in this case tanks, warhounds, elites, etc.).

The only reason why I bring this up is because of hybirds. Hybirds have a weird relationship with the game where most people don't know how to make one to begin with. Or people who don't understand the reasoning or the purpose of having one. Some people think that all you need to make a DPS is all red and your done. However, the problem with that thinking is that you limit how much damage you do overall by choosing the wrong talents or weapons for the job.

So a question for you all Does a unoptimized red build beat a optimized hybird build in DPS? My answer is no only because optimization and synegry beats poorly made DPS builds.

Many people will say its not true or thats a lie. But if you believe optimization and synegry makes a good damage build then you are correct.

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For everyone that believes I'm talking out my ass I have a test for you:

Make a build similar to mine Weapons: chatterbox (you can use any exotic that can pair with the crusader shield) and super 90 w/ killer

Specialization: gunner

Core attributes: 4 blues 2 reds

Gear: 3 badger tuffs, 1 gila guard, 1 sombra(grupo), and coyote mask.

Talents: intimidate and adrenaline rush

Skills: crusader and the banshee( you can change the banshee with anything)

Stats for super 90:
792056 weapon damage 36.9% critical chance 162% critical hit damage 65% headshot damage 10% DTA (damage to armour) 9% DTOOC (damage to targets out of cover)

stats for chatterbox: 72727 weapon damage 60% critical chance 177% critical damage 70% headshot damage Nothing for DTA OR DTOOC

Ps: The coyote mask helps to get you over 200% crit damage.

Edit: forgot to say the build was inspired but ColdBwoyy shredder build. Definitely check it out


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