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Laundry List of Questions Cause I’m an Overwhelmed Noob

Content of the article: "Laundry List of Questions Cause I’m an Overwhelmed Noob"

I played at launch to level 30, played a little randomly before expansion, and just now I hit 40 and got the watch earlier today. At watch level 4 right now, and I'm trying to figure out what exactly I should be doing. I just ran around in the open world for a while, and there's got to be a better way to go about this, but I'm so confused on so many things. There is A LOT to do here; I applaud the amount of content, but holy smokes this game does a terrible job explaining what things are for people who are coming back after a break.

Any general suggestions on how or where to proceed first to start ranking and gearing up is appreciated. And I've spent about 20 minutes trying to scour this sub for some answers, but to no avail. So here is my huge list of questions. All help is greatly appreciated! Feel free to pick and choose instead of answering everything. Or tell me to go to hell and Google it all ( i tried. Just found weiner pics when searching manhunt).

  1. How do I pick what is tracked on my screen? It auto-switches to something else randomly and I lose track of my specialization I'm working on. And the specialization goals aren't anywhere in the menus I can find.
  2. Can I re-calibrate exotics? I have an AR and a backpack, and I bought the modification blueprint from a vendor for those items but can't re-calibrate. Is there something else to buy? What does the mod blueprint do then?
  3. Why can I only do Story difficulty on some things like the Zoo and Camp White Oak when it is required of me to do it on minimum or normal for this Manhunt thing? Story is only difficulty available, and I have completed these before.
  4. Can anyone give me a brief rundown of what/why/who/how long (if it's temporary) on the Manhunt? There was no info given, just some things are labeled for it?
  5. Also, how about a brief rundown on the Classified Assignment. Again, no info provided, it just shows up on my map.
  6. Are there still 2 or 3 different types of Dark Zones? I see no difference in any descriptions – I'm not sure what I'm running into with those now.
  7. Do Bounties give anything good? I see no rewards listed anywhere for doing them. And why/how do I randomly get a bounty when completing world objectives?
  8. What are Alert Levels on Control Points and is it possible to raise them? I thought I saw something say "CP X is now AL 2" once. I have an objective somewhere to take out an AL 3 but I have all 1s right now on the map.
  9. The Capital Stronghold has requirements on it, do these reset at a certain time? I completed one earlier today but it's still listed right now.
  10. What is an Invaded Mission?
  11. I see posts about vendors all the time, but what is their significance in this game? Unique items? Crafting mats? Vendor timers? Rare vendor spawns?
  12. Has anyone ever felt as overwhelmed as I do at this moment in a video game?
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