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Legendary Close Range Build for Team Armour.

Content of the article: "Legendary Close Range Build for Team Armour."

After reading a couple of topics about a this kind of build, I got interested in experimenting some sort of this support build, even it's not exactly as those topics described, I was able to make it trough DUA with randoms in around 45m.

So, the set up into the team support is bonus Armour, everytime someone is withing the range of the galvanize talent, they gain additional ~700k bonus Armour for 10 seconds.

The problem with this in Legendary Strongholds is that most of the time, your team will be too far back to take advantage of this bonus, and that is a true waste, I can push up alone most of the times, but a small mistake will set me into the ground, and depending on the team we are in, it will result in team wipe.

The conclusion is the same I read at the topics I mentioned early, in small areas (such as summit rooms) this is, indeed, an outstanding support build, it can save your team mates multiple times, you just need to keep all your talents active for yourself and also make sure the team feels safe closer to npcs, on the other hand with the strongholds legendary content, it's not worth it, I struggle to see the team buffed most of the times in the best place to see it, DUA, only the small areas I saw the team getting blue, it's a shame, really, and by jumping into npcs faces all alone by myself also increases chances of failing the mission, because I'll go down eventually.

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Anyway, for those that might feel interested in something like this, I'll break down into the build right away.

  • Vile Mask, protection from elites;

  • Badger Tuff Backpack with Galvanize, full armour, status effects, hazard protection, protection from elites;

  • Hunter Killer Chest with Perfect Intimidate, full status effects, some Armour and can't remember the other attribute, protection from elites;

  • Belstone Gloves, full armour, status effects and hazard protection;

  • Gholan Holster, full armour, status effects and explosive resistence;

  • Belstone Knees, full armour, status effects and hazard protection.

Weapons are:

  • Scorpio

  • Mechanical Animal

  • Technician spec for extra skill tier.

Skills are:

  • Foam Launcher;

  • Crusader Shield.

What you get from this build:

  • 2% Armour Regeneration;

  • 10% Armour on Kill;

  • 40% extra weapon damage to targets within 10m

  • 1.6M Armour;

  • Crusader Shield at tier 6.

  • 4 foam shots (but can go a bit higher because I use the mechanical animal quite often at red mobs)

  • Extra Armour to everyone within the necessary range;

  • Skil Tier 2, up to 5;

  • Big Survivability for your team and yourself;

  • Hold your npcs in place, resulting in a quite frankly quick clearance. (at least I could wipe spawns at some points pretty easy almost by myself where the choppers come, until the heavies)

Give it a try at summit, I will go there today night to test this, as I only tested DUA so far.

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