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Massive please allow enemy factions to attack Control Points like they used to pre-WONY (bring back Control Point faction war)

Content of the article: "Massive please allow enemy factions to attack Control Points like they used to pre-WONY (bring back Control Point faction war)"

Warlords of New York is great overall, but it was a HUGE downgrade in terms of Control Point "living world" dynamism. We have static Control Points now… 🙁

Level 30 World Tier 5 players still get to enjoy the Dynamic Control Point / Faction War system that the game launched with, but level 40 players don't. In WT5, enemy AND friendly factions are constantly going at it, attacking each other's territory, causing mayhem and making your map change colors without your input; a true "living world." Meanwhile WONY players have a largely static map (unless we reset it). If we want a dynamic 'Battle For D.C.' world to play in, we have to play on a level 30 character that obviously cannot use any of the WONY content… Pre- Warlords, controlling the entire map was difficult. Now, it takes just a couple hours to do at your leisure.

Yes, I am aware that you can manually reset the control points back to red, but that is not satisfying or interesting to me at all. It's a serious downgrade from a feature that was very fun & unique to open world looter shooter games. Please either reintroduce the dynamic map for WONY players, or at least give us a toggle to turn it on just like we currently have for resetting CPs and global directives, etc. I just want to be able to play with my level 40 Agent on Challenging world difficulty in a dynamic D.C. again (+ NYC too!).

Massive clearly wants replayable content in the game(as seen with the Summit), but they disabled this great never-ending feature? Please sound off down below if you agree, I really miss this and hate that it was changed without giving us the option to turn it back on.

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Here are some other facts about Control Point activity that I've tested over the past week (both pre and post-TU11).

  1. The spawn rate of enemy “Attacking Control Point Pistol” Red Pistol activities is much lower on Hard+ difficulty compared to Normal
  2. For some reason, the AI NEVER attacks each other’s’ control points on Hard+ difficulty and will only look for Green CPs (but again, the overall spawn rate is very low)
  3. Even worse, the AI will never attack Green Control Points at all unless they are located in an "Invaded" territory, even if the CP is right next to their Stronghold. Most of the map will be Green forever unless you reset.
  4. Level 30/World Tier 5 Agents have a dynamic map where even JTF Green Pistols spawn and try to capture territory
  5. AI never attacks green control points in NYC (working as intended but I dislike this).
  6. The AI will occasionally send resource convoys to FRIENDLY (???) Control Points where they are promptly slaughtered.

Feel free to list any other bugs/oddities and I'll add them to the list. My goal is for this post to be a megathread about Control Points so Massive can hopefully see it.


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