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Medic play – it could be better.

Content of the article: "Medic play – it could be better."

I love The Division, and I love playing support roles. I've been playing a medic in this series for a couple years now, and I've come to realise that healer gameplay in TD2 just isn't what it used to be.

Here's why:

1. Heroic and Legendary content dials NPC damage up so far that anyone who isn't an all-blue tank is playing rocket tag. You're either healthy or you're out of armour and about to die. There's no room for a medic to match incoming damage with their healing, except by catching a teammate right at the death gate before it times out and they drop. In TD1, incoming damage was more gradual and teammates could be healed at a comparable rate.

2. Healing output is either too slow, or inconsistent. The Fixer Drone has a good gradual heal, but moves slowly and only pockets one teammate at a time. The Reinforcer Launcher has an irregular burst pattern that delivers a lot of healing infrequently. The Restorer Hive (probably the most balanced option available) only launches a dart once every couple seconds, depending on your teammate's distance, and is further hampered by LoS issues where a hive will refuse to heal a player that looks close enough. This exacerbates the previous issue, and medics are unable to keep up with vanishing armour bars. In contrast the old Support Station delivered a guaranteed healing tick once every second.

3. Healers have had a lot of utility support tools removed since TD1. We can't heal through walls any more (making it more difficult to manage cramped or vertical defensive positions), we can't provide status immunity (repair trap can when overcharged – but it's a dumpster fire), and we can't resupply ammunition (that's more the preserve of Bullet King Gunners now). Medics now heal exclusively, with maybe one or two offensive buffs available through gear talents. It sucks.

I think this could be fixed with a return to what made medic builds so great in TD1 – the Reclaimer gearset provided a medic with multiple simultaneous (but not game-breaking) quality-of-life buffs that provided a team with the breathing room they needed to focus on DPS or tanking. A similar buff to the Restorer Hive would breathe new life into the skill and playstyle, especially if the LoS requirements are relaxed on par with the BTSU support station.

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