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Mission Suggestion: No Turning Back

Content of the article: "Mission Suggestion: No Turning Back"

Description of Mission: You recieve an ISAC Ping with coordinates and head to the site, there you would meet Agent Ryan, a Rogue Agent (The Agent everyone has seen in the E3 Demos and trailers). Ryan explains to you about how & why he went rogue (Killing his team in DZ03 and going off the grid) He's here to warn Washington of an incoming threat, one of which The Division has never fought before

However before he finishes the JTF breach the building, they are here to capture Ryan, under the assumption that Ryan was working with Keener before the events of WoNY, and found the position by tracking your location with ISAC. JTF, unkown you're still active SHD, engage you. And you are given no other choice but to fight back, making you a Rogue Agent.

Ryan aids you in the fighting back. After eliminating the JTF attack force, you follow Ryan to the rooftop where a helicopter is hovering on the edge waiting for your exfil, before you two make it, the helo is shot out of the sky and Kelso appears on the opposite side with a team of two other SHD Agents.

She then confronts you on why you chose to go rogue, after all the progress that you made in the game. Shots are fired by one of the SHD Agents that were with Kelso, and another firefight ensues, you and Ryan versus Kelso and her Agents. However during this firefight your Agent HUD Glitches out, as it did with WoNY during the final mission against Keener after the glitching stops your HUD turns to a Rogue-Red colour (Your health bar, any side talents active etc.).

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After neutralizing the SHD Agents and then Kelso you finish her off, you then follow Ryan to a rope and go with him to the SHD Node in the Jefferson Trade Center, using the node's equipment to remove your rogue status. However what this does is turns you to a "Grey Agent". Once complete Ryan leaves out of the Center and the mission ends. (see below for further details)

Entrance to Mission

Location of Mission

Firefight Location


  • Head to the coordinates
  • Meet Ryan

(cutscene or Dialogue)

  • Hold off the JTF
  • Follow Ryan
  • Get to the Helicopter
  • Eliminate Kelso
  • Go to the SHD Node
  • Remove your Rogue Status

Mission Complete

Mission Rewards:

  • Grey Status
  • Chem Launcher Mod – Eclipse Virus

Chem Launcher Mod – Eclipse Virus

Function: It would function similar to the "Oxidiser" Mod the Chem Launcher already has however it will do partially less damage, slow the target(s) movement for 10 Seconds and give them an Infection effect, the AOE would function like the Oxidiser also however be smaller, Launcher count would be three charges rather than the standard 2

"Grey" Agent Status:

Grey Status is where you are a normal SHD Agent in the field, however (like in Dark Zone) you have the option to go rogue, the rewards are greater. You can treat the JTF Like any other Faction you would normally treat before you went rogue, engaging JTF Control Points, JTF Forces and stopping their side-tasks. Normal SHD Agents (AI) would act as bosses for the JTF, with the same mechanics as a Rogue Encounter (except this time you are the encounter). You cannot engage Settlements however, as they are too heavily fortified.

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You Disable Rogue status by heading to SHD Terminals dotted around the map (as you would when hacking the SHD in Dark Zone). Use 4 Terminals without dying and your status is removed

Thoughts on this? I thought a tie in to the very face of The Division (before Keener too the spotlight) would be a nice touch, as well as the moral battle an agent would face of engaging JTF aswell as carrying the secret that YOU killed Kelso


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