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Mix’n’match specializations

Theoretical : What would you think, if instead of multiple specializations, there was one and you could select different traits to better fit your playstyle?

Specializations already share the same layout and you cant not max them out, so in my opinion its bit shame they are so rigid.
It would be interesting to let people pick which abilities they want.

Practical : Visual aid

Central button Signature weapon
This would be simple, single button in middle of the tree, that would allow you to pick signature weapon, not that mandatory since you could just choose any weapon from inventory, but it could be used for different premade loadouts.

First group Weapon passives
This one is already shared by all specializations, it would be the same 45/45 tree that allows you to choose damage increase for weapons you like, the only change that could be done here, would be adding all the weapon mods into the tree at once and making this group 47/47 instead, with those mods costing 1 point and having you to choose what combination you want.

Second group Signature weapon passives
Signature weapon dmg and ammo drops is another shared group, passive damage is the same in every specialization and the way you regain signature ammo is more tied to your weapon choice and playstyle rather than your spec, so being able to pick if you want to focus on headshots or hunting enemy gadgets would be interesting choice.

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Third group Tools and loadout
Group that would allow you to pick gadgets and secondaries, grenades and specialization sidearm slots are already same in every tree and gadget slots allways come in packs of 3. This shouldnt be problematic, one slot for grenade, one for your secondary, one for gadget, and two gadget mods leading from your chosen gadget.

Fourth group Combat abilities
This one could be a bit problematic as the remaining skills are of varied nature, but they could be split into several categories and these then just used as a templates for people to pick. There are skills of these types: Armor kit, protection, group buff, active effect, passive stats and pulse resistance. Players could choose from several skills for each box.

More details : All specializations would still have to be unlocked. To unlock abilities for use in the "mixed tree" players would still need to unlock them in their specific trees, that means still having to level up all specs, but there would be possibility of investing for example only 15 points in certain spec if player knows they want to unlock only single thing from that tree, but leveling up everything would still offer most flexibility.

There is bit more mixing possible, especially in the last group which is the only one "new", instead of having these smaller types, players could just choose any combination of skills they want, for example completely ignoring pulse resistance or armor kits and choosing several passives that offer bonus for staying in cover. This could be balanced by adding the (Disabled in PvP) option or by adjusting price of each element, this last group is worth some 51 points, making some skills cost more players wouldnt be able to create some specific doomstack.

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Why? I must say I got kinda bored by Division, while there are some cool builds, I really didnt enjoy hunting for increase from 2% of something to 4%, so when I finally unlocked the specializations I actually started having lot more fun in the game. But this quickly ended when I wanted to make super pyro build with flamer and fire grenades, there were really some choices that I found weird like build that is already focused on melee range being forced to have short range secondary. Then there were some moment when I basically picked specialization for single specific thing like healing mine or buff hive and then I promptly ignored the rest of the tree and its signature weapon because it simply didnt fit my playstyle … I know that there will always be meta, cookie cutters and powergamers and in the end there will be 2-3 viable builds, but for those who dont need to be 1% it could be more fun.


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