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My Hunter’s Fury Build

I can tell right now, I’m probably gonna get some downvotes for this one, but stick with me to the end. There’s a method to the madness.

A lot of newer players, or returning players, may not have the Memento backpack yet. And, that’s okay. I’m on my second complete ascent of The Summit, and my Ridgeway’s was dropped for me by another player, because I still don’t have all the components yet. Some players may not have the DLC yet. Whatever the case, there is an alternative.

Bear in mind, I’m SHD 671, and my watch is not maxed out yet.

For the specialization, I’m using the Gunner. This is mainly due to the 10% armor on kill, and the bonus armor when using an armor kit.

I’m using the Hunter’s Fury mask, gloves, holster, and knees. The mask and holster are rolled to weapon damage, and Crit Damage. Knees and gloves are both rolled to armor, but the knees I rolled to Crit Chance, just to get to my max 60%. The Gloves are rolled to Armor and Crit Damage.

For the chest, I’m using a Grupo, rolled to weapon damage, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage. The talent is Intimidate.

Now, like I said, I wanted to avoid using the Memento, as some players may not have access to it. And, there is an alternative. I went with the Liquid Engineer. If you don’t know, it’s a named Belstone backpack, with Perfect Bloodsucker. It’s essentially the Poor Man’s Memento.

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I’m sitting on a total of 1.3M Armor.

For the weapons, I’m running the Dark Winter, which is steadily becoming my absolute favorite SMG. This thing shreds. Secondary is The Mop.

Damage on my Dark Winter is 75.9k, with a max 60% Crit Chance, and 146.4% Crit Damage. With Perfect Killer from the Dark Winter proc’d, that becomes 196.4% amplified Crit Damage, because of both the Hunter’s Fury and the Intimidate.

For the skills, I’m using the Crusader Shield and the Banshee Pulse.

Now, this may also appeal to players who do have Memento for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you don’t need to keep hunting after Memento trophies. Perfect Bloodsucker procs on kill, and stacks ten times, for 12% bonus armor per stack. And you will have stacks on stacks. The damage output is nasty. Also, you’re getting 386k armor on kill, from the Gunner spec, and the Hunter’s Fury. If you need more, you can switch to the Mop for an additional 10% armor on kill.

Let me know what you think.


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