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My suggestions for the future of the game

Content of the article: "My suggestions for the future of the game"

I would like to get rid of what I like about the new Summit Mode and what I don't.

Summit has to compete with underground and it won't be easy.


The scenery itself is great and the idea of ​​fighting your way up in a high building is unique.

It plays like I'm in a frenzy and it's fun. But that's it.

Negative: I'll keep it short and sweet

– No own level system like in Underground

– Difficulty not adjustable by yourself (every 100 floors)

– Little visual change, I like to remember the underground discotheque with techno music and laser show (that was a brilliant atmosphere)

– random directives are really crap.

– Why not start in the basement? Optical diversity would then be a little better.

– Better and above all more difficult bossfights.

– Secret passages to maybe skip a floor as a reward (along the outer facade would be great, construction crane or something)

When you're done, call the helicopter and have it picked up.

– Visually quickly monotonous every third room repeats itself

My suggestions for improvement:

Did I already mention something above how to do it.

– Completely darken floors (without electricity) Flashlight for all weapons.

– I want a party disco floor with laser show and techno music πŸ˜‰

– level system

– Choose difficulty yourself

– add basement

– A safe house every 10 floors to search for players

– Real boss fights with mechanics.

– Include environment to flatten opponents. The fire pipes are good approach.

– The loot has to get better

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– Still waiting for Firecrest πŸ˜‰ and also the gun like in the first part.

– First collect points like server, and then defend and hold, but it has to be longer as before. so that you really have to hide and entrench yourself. Tank build would be great for this.

– When you are at the top, you could also turn it around, you would have two modes in one.

– Shield skill like in the first one would be great for blocking entrances to bundle opponents.

– Finally give us a large dark zone.

So that's it for now. Will there be a PS5 and Xbox series X version? I play on the PC and I wish I could play it a little longer. because the basic mechanics and graphics are great. I would look forward to a 3 month season that looks great too. Spring, summer, autumn and above all winter have to return. We don't need Div 3, we expand the 2nd and improve it. That would be my wish for the future of the series, and I love The Division and I'm a huge fan.

Oh, survival has to go back πŸ˜‰


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