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New gear set RIGGER backpack talent testing on various skills – cancelling skills reset their cooldown

When I saw the new gear set

Rigger Gearset in Title update 12

I didn't really see anything special about it until they showed the backpack talent.

Rigger backpack talent

Then curiously and ideas started forming. So I tried this with various skills to see how the backpack talent effects them and if they work or not.

First I tried the Hive

And the hive didnt work. The charges still have cooldown. I wanted to see if it would recharge all of the charges, which I see that it doesnt. It doesnt even recharge 1 charge. Useless set on a build using a hive.

Then I tried the flame turret and the defender drone

Works just like I hoped. I even tried to cancel both at once to see if it would do both at the same time, and that worked as well. Doesnt seem to be a cooldown for the talent as well. Which is good because if it did, then that'll defeat the entire purpose of the talent.

This is a great gearset to use for a close quarters fire build with the flameturret. Run up on a group with the fire wall shield and drop the flame turret right at your feet and burn everything in front of you, then cancel the skill and repeat on the next group without having to go back to pick up the turret and wait on the small cooldown.

next I tried the decoy hologram

This works as well. Could be a great set for legendary to use this skill as a always up tank to grab aggro, while letting your other skill deal damage or healing players, speaking of healing players, I tried the healing trap next.

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Well shit, the healing trap works. The rigger gearset is probably the only good way to use the healing trap. You can just burst heal anyone consistently. Toss the skill at a player, cancel it, and repeat. Could be great on legendary as well since its a burst heal thats always up and ready to used. No cooldowns, no running out of charges. This set turns the most garbage healing skill in the game to a god tier healing skill. And it seems they've changed the healing from what it was when first launched so instead of splinting the healing amount across all traps, now each individual trap heals for the full amount. So like 300k healing times 8 traps instead of 300k divided by 8 traps like it used too. Which is great.

Tried the shock trap as well.

This is the skill im most surprised at. You can literally stun lock enemies indefinitely with this set with a status effect set up. Its a crowd controllers wet dream. Im certain this gearset and the shock skill will be a staple on any legendary runs going forward.

And I also tried the sniper turret since thats a skill that has charges, but also a cooldown, so wanted to see how'd that'll work with the talent.

That works as well, but cant post the video since can only put five videos so heres a gif

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Seems this works as well.

I've tried ALL skill variants that can be deployed and stay deployed if the skill fails.

Tried seekers, those reset as well when you cancel them, when they cant find a target and just follow you around like a lost puppy.

Tried the remote pulse, that works, the other pulses dont work, obviously, as those arent deployable skills that can be cancelled.

Tried all the drones, the only one that doesnt reset is the bomb drone. It doesnt reset even if its just sitting in the air doing nothing when you cancel it. thou it has a 4 second cooldown if you cancel manually so thats probably why it doesnt work.

None of the stickey bombs work, even tho they have a duration. trying to cancel it just makes the bomb detonate.

you already saw the healing and shock trap, I tried the new bomb trap, and that resets as well. Great for consistently blowing fools up by just tossing non stop explosion traps at them and cancelling if a trap remains. They gotta be close tho because cant throw that thing very far

you saw the flame and sniper turret, the mortar and assault turrets reset as well with the gearset backpack talent.

all fireflies, chem launcher and shields have no effect since you cant cancel those skills or any of their variants.

And about the deployable skills, its best to keep an eye on their health bars because if the skills gets destroyed then the reset wont happen. So keep your eye on those health bars on your hologram decoys, turrets, drones, ect and cancel them when it looks like they are about to die.

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One thing to keep in mind about the backpack, you NEED to have 3 other RIGGER pieces already equipped to us the backpack talent. It doesnt work like the Eclipse backpack, where the backpack talent works by itself without any of the other pieces of the gearset equipped.

This set is going to make some very interesting builds. I can feel it by just testing these out. I already see many possibilities as I've already pointed out.

Me when this update comes out:


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