Tom Clancy's The Division 2

New player , just completed new york campaign.Overwhelmed.Best game ever

Content of the article: "New player , just completed new york campaign.Overwhelmed.Best game ever"

So i just got to 40 , did everything the game told me to do , talk to this guy and to that guy activate Guardian event.Completely fresh character with my trusty AR 39 level rifle and a bunch of crit % and crit damage gear + ar damage.

I watched a guy on youtube that said the first thing to do is to change global difficulty to Challenging , did that and he said to farm control points.I did what he said and my first ever experience was fighting that control point + accidently pulled a heavy guarded transport resource event + 2 rogue agents spawned and on top of that i had that event thing where i had to kill a specific guy which made everything that much harder.Took me 40 mins of kiting , exploiting game mechanics and i finally did it with 0 deaths.

Best experience i had so far it was a blast , cant believe i missed such a great game and im glad i discovered it now.

I also checked my Projects and did the easiest one with resources donation for exotic chache , got the rifle "Diamondback" with decent rolls on it. Is it good? Should i look for rifle damage gear now , also should i run AR + Rifle ? Whats the best combo.

So now my main questions are :

  1. Should i deactivate the event Guardian , it makes everything a lot harder and slower , is the rewards good enough to keep it , like extra xp extra loot etc.
  2. Which gear should i keep , which should i sell ? The only thing i know is gear with max rolls should be kept and used in recalibration bench.
  3. What are those directives and what exactly do they do.I see that options in Global Settings and its a bunch of +% XP option.
  4. What should i do after i clear all the control points.
  5. What build should i aim for, i prefer AR's.Whats the "meta" in this game.But if my exotic weapon is rifle what kind of Rifle build should i go for , does riffle need crit % chd ?
  6. Tell me something that a noob player doesnt know.
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Im experienced veteran of Diablo 3 RoS , WoW , played BL 1-2-3 , Warframe.None of theese games come even close to the polish of this one and the complexity , im soo happy to be in this community.Thank you


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