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New Skill Concept: The Battery.

Content of the article: "New Skill Concept: The Battery."

Skills like the provide positive benefits for your squad. The Battery does that but focuses on buffing your skills and those of your squad. Unlike the hive, this one focuses on skill augmentation and less on squad buffs. However, there are variants for everyone who have a preferred use for this skill.

Battery: A deployed skill that positively affects you and your squad in its vicinity or negatively harms your enemies: Variants:

Capacitor: A large car battery that when deployed generates an electric field, shocking any enemies who get too close and electrifying you and your allies’ skills if they are in the vicinity. Also grants +10% skill haste, +10% armor regen and +10% weapon handling. Lasts for 120 seconds.

Overclocker: A field battery that grants +1 skill tier while active, or overcharges for its duration. Friendly skills in the vicinity all get +1 skill tier or overcharge, but they lose 5% of their health every few seconds, except for handheld skills like shields, chem launchers, pulses and sticky launchers. Lasts for 60 seconds. Skill tier increases duration.

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Faraday: Generates an electric field which protects you and your allies from a single use of shock or disrupt. A sustained skill that lasts for up to 10 seconds before going on a long cooldown. Can also be used offensively to shock and damage enemy electronics and robots.

Pylon: A tall battery variant that builds up power overtime during its deployment and unleashes a charge on an enemy who gets too close. Deals high damage to enemy armor and electronics. Has a maximum of 5 charges but they regenerate overtime. Cannot be thrown. Skill tier increases the maximum.

Hijacker: A throwable handheld battery pack that sticks to enemy skill proxies, robots and other electrical systems and constantly drains power from it for several seconds. When the target’s health is reduced to 25%, the target will switch to your side and fight for you until it runs out of health.


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