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New Specialization Concept: The Dawnbringer

Content of the article: "New Specialization Concept: The Dawnbringer"

Ever wondered what a flare gun would look like as a specialization? Well here is the Dawnbringer, a status effect focused specialization with a precedent placed on blinding enemies and punishing enemies who blind you. This specialization is unique among the specializations because the specialization weapon does not deal damage apart from placing damaging status effects on enemies.

The Dawnbringer: A weaponized flare gun that serves a purpose other than calling for help. When fired, the flare has an arcing trajectory which blinds all enemies in the target radius for several seconds. If the flare hits an enemy, the flare will burn that enemy for several seconds which increases depending on your status effects attribute. This is highly effective versus clusters of enemies of all varieties. Limit of 8 rounds including the one loaded in the barrel.

Talents unique to the specialization:

Sixth Sense: While you are blinded, enemies are pulsed and visible for the duration of the status effect.

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Blinding Fire: Increase the damage you and your allies deal to enemies while blinded by +15%.

Armor Kit: Status Overdrive: Using an armor kit confers a 50% status effect duration boost to your next status effect, in addition to restoring armor. Has 2 charges per use. Stacks with other effects.

Grenade: Shock Grenade: A grenade that shocks enemies in the vicinity for a minimum of 5 seconds. Deals +20% bonus damage to enemy skills and robotics.

White Out: There is a 5% chance that any status effect you cause will additionally blind the enemy for half the duration. If the enemy is blinded when this effect triggers, the blind duration is increased by +25%. This does not work in PVP.

Ammo Acquisition: When two or more status effects are active on an enemy caused by you, add 2 ammo to your specialization ammo bar.

Team Ammo Acquisition: When two or more status effects are active on an enemy caused by you, add 3 ammo to your specialization ammo bar.

Signature Weapon Tier: Increases the base duration of all status effects caused by the flare gun by 1 second per tier rank. Max of 5 tiers.

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Reinforcement Call: Holding the reload button while the Dawnbringer is equipped fires a flare into the air, granting your allies with increased weapon handling by +33% for 60 seconds


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