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New Specialization: Operative

Content of the article: "New Specialization: Operative"

Signature Weapon: Compound Bow. Charge to fire.

Signature Ammo: Steel-Shaft Arrows. Enemies struck by the arrows are debuffed based on location.

Enemies hit in the head are disoriented.

Enemies hit in the chest are panicked and suffer a bleed proc.

Enemies hit in the legs are slowed.

Ammo is gained by killing enemies that are not targeting you (I.E blinded, disoriented, burning, or distracted by teammate, skill, or decoy.)

Signature sidearm: Machete. Pressing the aim button causes you to run like you do during a cover to cover move, presenting a smaller target, decreasing detection radius, and granting a small amount of bonus armor at the cost of decreased movement speed. This effect ends on attack.

Amor Kit Talent: Restores 100% of armor and refills one grenade.

Special grenade: Smokebomb.

Enemies caught within the cloud are disoriented and take poison damage. You are immune to this effect.

Skill variant: Smoker (Chem Launcher). Deploys a covered the targeted area in smoke.

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Exfiltration: When armor breaks drop a smokebomb at your location.

Stimulants: You move faster within a smokebomb.

Distracted: You are your allies deal 10% more damage to unaware enemies.

Preparation: Duration of status effects on you is decreased by 10%.


The idea was to allow for a specialization similar to how Javier Kajika is shown to fight. Explosive arrows don’t seem like a stealthy option so I went with debuffs instead. The effects on different body parts is something already showcased with Chameleon so it should not take too much effort to implement.

This would pair very well with Hunter’s fury, and the machete would allow for something players have been asking for for a while (melee combat) in a realistic manner.

Overall the Operative is designed to function behind enemies lines, taking down targets before they have a chance to fight back (solo) or disrupting their ability to respond to a more obvious threat (team).

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