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Next possible manhunt idea

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So currently right now there’s a manhunt for Faye and most likely we are going to kill or apprehend her. However with the recent revelation of Kestrel it’s time we take a look at the loose end that currently exists.

So at the start of the game in Year One an echo was just outside the White House. It contained the following member of the BTSU:

Bardon Schaeffer (Team leader) (Apprehended)

Ellis Galveston (Medic) (Deceased)

Petrus Brenner (Assault) (Deceased)

Elijiah Sumner (Heavy/ Assualt) (Deceased)

Milla “Wyvern” Radek (Thrower) (Deceased)

and finally

Jack Bonney (unknown)

So currently we’ve taken apart Bardon’s main team and apprehended Bardon. But why?? Every other boss we’ve killed except Bardon. Why would he be alive. Further more. Bonney had still yet to make an appearance.

This leads me to believe that in one of the following. A manhunt or some other event Jack Bonney will be leading a team to free Bardon. Or Natalya Sokolova will promote Bonney in place of Bardon. Let’s discuss each.

In the first option is more likely. Bardon is a powerful asset and strategist. He was able to take on multiple agents and come out breathing. Not to mention he instructed his men on where to hit DC. It would make sense for Bonney or someone to try and free him as he knows too much. But the manhunts are growing repetitive which leads me to…

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Jack Bonney gets promoted. This one is on the table but doesn’t quite sit well with me and here’s why. Bonney is…the “dumb” one of the group. Bardon described him as a grade schooler and Wyvern described him as a “fucking idiot” it would seem unlikely that he would be promoted to such a leadership role. Not to mention Bardon knows way too much so even if they don’t want to rescue him they still need to deal with him. Perhaps we could deal with him in a raid. But a manhunt with him trying to free Bardon is much more likely.

Let me know your thoughts on what you they’ll do with Bardon and Bonney as these are 2 major loose ends that need to be addressed.


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