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Now that the seasons are over, I wonder about the missed opportunities to reuse content we already have to make something new by remixing them in creative ways with short time and resource constraints.

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There's some features I believe this game has that makes great use of content we already have, and could have been expanded to more areas of the game to make the game feel fresh and new even with old content we've already experienced with a few twist.

Lets take the invaded mechanic.

I personally love this mechanic, as even tho your playing the same mission, your fighting against a different enemy that requires different tactics than the enemies your used to fighting in that mission. It makes a familiar mission feel different by simply bringing in a new faction into the mix.

I often think about how this mechanic could have been expanded on with the manhunt targets to turn the manhunts of each season into something unique that you cant experience other wise in the normal game.

What if when the manhunt targets are active, they invade other missions with the faction they line up with.

You know how the black tusk invades Lincoln memorial, well, what if the outcast invaded the Lincoln memorial when the Neptune manhunt was active during the first season???

OUTCAST would be the enemy at Lincoln memorial, not the true sons during Neptune

This could make each manhunt worth doing as you would be fighting a different enemy on familiar grounds. Making each manhunt unique and somewhat different.

Like hyenas at the Federal Emergency Bunker(outcast mission) with Wraith from season 3 or true sons at the Jefferson Trade Center(hyenas mission) with Huntsman from season 2.

I assume it wouldnt take much resources and time since there is no new assets or content to create. I assume all that would need doing is switching out the enemies and all the work that comes with getting that up and running.

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Now we got a new experience that each target brings to the table and we got some "new content" that isnt really new, but experiencing old content in a new way. Ya feel me???

So what about the missions, the level themselves???

Lets talk about playing through the mission in a different direction

I mean that literally. I dont know if you guys play simulation racing games, but there is a unique feature about racing games that I feel could benefit this game very well that could have a very big impact on its missions from such a small change.

In racing games, each racing track added to the game is actually two tracks. They are made into two tracks because going in one direction is considered one track and going in the opposite direction is considered another track. Even though its the same track, physically, racing in reverse direction presents whole new challenges and experiences. Corners that were easy in one direction are now hard in the opposite direction.

What if we had that same mentality towards the missions in this game.

What if you start the mission, at the end, and then, make your way to the beginning of a stage???

Lets take the Lincoln Memorial for example

The gate is locked, so we take the elevator down this time. Making our way to the gate.

Areas where the player would have the high ground, going in reverse, we now have the low ground, giving a much different experience with a level we already have in the game with elevation and enemy placement being much different. Coming into a familiar room from the opposite side will have different experiences as the cover layout is now different even though the cover layout has not changed.

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Simply playing each mission in reverse could double the amount of missions in the game with way less resources and work than creating double the amount of missions from scratch.

Some levels will have to be changed slightly in some ways as some levels have a point of no return so those will have to be addressed. But you get the idea. I assume it would still be less work than the alternative of creating a whole new level/mission.

Then we layer the reverse missions on top of the invasion mechanic involving other factions, now we added a lot of variations with several combinations from a single mission.

Do we play the missions forward or reverse and against which faction? Lots of variation there without creating new assets or consuming as many resources as would be needed to create brand new mission content from scratch. Creating a new level of replayability to the game.

The prime target missions are a great example of this as they had slight variations to a mission we already experienced. Some of the prime target missions had different factions in them and different mechanics added to them making the missions feel different.

I have other ideas like creating missions to have alternating pathways, like the door you usually go through is locked this time, but the waypoint points you to another door to go through making you end up in a new room, and after that room is cleared, your back on track on the regular route, but that consumes much more resources as that requires new assets and this post is already long enough.

So thats what I think about quite often. Watching those hours long developer Q and A videos including GRINDING GEAR(path of exile developer) and seeing their approach to finding creative ways to reuse content they already have, made me think about ways the Division devs could do the same since they are also creating a constantly evolving live service game where creating new high quality content from scratch in quick succession seems like an unsustainable impossibility.

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Development seems to be down to time and resources so if they can make use of old content to leverage the best use of time and resources to create new experiences, Im down with that.

What do you guys think???


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