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(On the subject of PvP) Where are the standards here?

Content of the article: "(On the subject of PvP) Where are the standards here?"

So, I have a serious topic to bring up about cheating in PvP on this game but before I do let me tell you about my experience on this game. For one, I pre ordered it. I've been playing it since day one so no, keyboard warriors I am not a 3 dollar player. I've been here since the beginning, I was here in the middle, and I'll probably see it to the end. Secondly I'm a PvP oriented player. I got all the builds I want to go in the dz whenever I'd like. Do I care for the commendations? No. Do I care for the raids? No. I just like getting satisfied with dropping people in the DZ.

With that said, here's my question. Who monitors this game and WHERE in Narnia or hell itself is the anti cheat program in this game? Before someone starts saying "you can't use aimbot, there is no aimbot, there is no way to cheat, lag, exploit, or use third party hardware/software." Don't say it. You can't convince me, basically because you'd be wrong, that you can't cheat in this game. What I want to know is WHY this does not get addressed.

I've fought people who have stuck me with sticky bombs maybe 20-40 consecutive times without holding their aim, just tapping the button. I've played against people who hit all headshots while strafing around, I'll occasionally run into the guy who inflicts damage to me by a firearm 2 seconds after hitting cover as if I'm in the matrix. Before I list EVERY occurrence of something, I've made my point. So please, someone please tell me why the bar in this company is seemingly set so low for the moderation of cheats. It's set so low that the bar doesn't exist.

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So I'll ask again. Where oh where is the anti cheat here? Where's the moderation? And why does this never get brought up? For us seasoned PvP players, we all know that we see the same people over and over on our platform(s). That includes the ones who just seem to be allowed to continue to do whatever it is the do behind the screen to illegitimately win and I'm kind of fed up with that fact. Tonight after hitting the DZ I've officially passed my last straw with it.


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