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Ongoing Directive Build: The Druid

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This is the second video in series of videos for builds centered around gear sets combined with what I believe to be the most synergistic brand set chest piece and backpack. These builds are all designed to be used for solo and team play, in both PVE and PVP. I have also designed these with inspiration from World of Warcraft classes.
Gear Set: Ongoing Directive
Brand Pieces: Golan chest with trauma, Anarchist's Cookbook backpack
Primary Weapon: Sadist Sig assault rifle with Ravenous for armored targets
Role: Primarily as a DPS but use your CC to shutdown tougher enemies.
WoW inspiration: Druid
Build Notes:
This build is inspired by a Druid. The emphasis is to take advantage of status effects to boost your effectiveness in combat. Trauma allows for effortless generation of hollow point ammo in both PVE and PVP. I would rather always have the ammo and get a 20% boost then struggle to maintain a 35% boost. Trauma with high status effect is absolutely deadly with the blind in PVP, making a face trade against this build a poor choice. You can aim at the chest when your enemy is not facing you to avoid the blind. When they run away, hit them with the ensnare. The Hive will give you an area of denial and setup for your sadist assault rifle. I like the two piece golan to provide some safety against weaker enemy DOTS and for some regen in combat. This is stronger when coupled with the bonus armor from Ravenous. This build has all of the essential forms of CC build in with good duration: ensnare (riot foam) 13 second, blind from trauma and disrupt from the EMP. There is no enemy type that cannot be disable, allowing you and your team to shut down tougher opponents.
Why it "feels like a Druid"
1. Bonus damage stems from your bleeding enemies
2. Has a weak HoT from the two piece golan
3. Has a "bear form" with bonus armor from ravenous
4. Has "combo points" from the ravenous primers
5. Has an ensnare to mimic entangling roots

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